Womanizer Next: Pleasure with New Features You’ll Love – A Review

Womanizer Next: Pleasure with New Features You’ll Love – A Review


The womanizer next that rose got is a light blue/green sex toy that looks like a landline telephone from the 90's

What can’t I say about the Womanizer Next? Ten years ago, when Womanizer first came into the market, I was given the original toy to review. Unfortunately, I was unreliable at the time and had never reviewed it. Plus, I just assumed it was horseshit. Look at me now, eating my words.

Womanizer truly revolutionized the world of sex toys with their “air-pulse technology.” And that is coming from me, you all. I rarely say that because everyone claims their toy is revolutionary. Whelp, since Womanizer has come into play, toy company after company now regularly sells suction toys that simulate oral sex. They run rampant in the white-label toy communities, but trusted retailers and brands I work with have quality products.

Sex toys simulating oral sex are some of my favorites, and it’s because of Womanizer (god, the name, though) that I was able to find out that this particular type of stimulation will make me squirt. 


The Womanizer Next comes with an extra head to accommodate different anatomy

The Womanizer Next mirrors the traditional shape of the Womanizer Premium (there are other styles like the Womanizer Duo or Womanizer Liberty), the tried-and-true design. Shaped much like a landline telephone, the Womanizer Premium fits comfortably in my palm and allows my hand to relax around the device.

Some oral sex toys MELT SHINE don’t offer additional heads, which means that those of us with, say, larger clits, may not be able to fit our anatomy into the head comfortably. Considering this, Womanizer supplies an additional stimulator head (and allows you to buy either a Small or a Medium if you lose your extra), offering another opportunity for this toy to work with you. 

The Womanizer Next Oral Suction Toy is Water-Proof!

Water-proof toys are a personal favorite of mine. Having lived in a tiny apartment with a partner and pets, my reprieve and opportunity to test toys were in the bathroom and the tub. At the time, not all Womanizer sex toys were waterproof, but most are now.

Features of the Womanize Next Air-Pulse Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy

Womanizer designs are advancing quickly, and crucial features like waterproofness and the “whisper-quiet” are mirrored in this edition of the oral sex simulator. 100% from me for that. The Womanizer Next has another unique feature: “climax control.” I was beyond thrilled to find this feature in a suction sex toy.

Climax Control & After Glow of the Womanizer Next Oral Sex Simulator

The climax control feature allows you to cycle through 14 intensity levels. After you come, a quick button switch turns the intensity down so your body doesn’t experience a painful/uncomfortable heightened sensation that will turn so many of us off (called “afterglow”). 

And, as is so familiar with sex toys and the Womanizer toys, the Womanizer Next has “autopilot” preset patterns to choose from to rest your weary hand when you don’t feel like your fingers can handle changing buttons. 

Controlling the Womanizer Next Suction Sex Toy

The Womanizer Next is cool

To use the Womanizer Next, there are four buttons you should be aware of: 

  1. “Autopilot” – The button that’ll control preset patterns
  2. Three levels of “climax control.”
  3. Fourteen intensity levels with the… 
  4. The “Smart silence” button control above it allows the toy to stop delivering air pulses when it is no longer against your body.

Care and Keeping

Silicone encases the body and head of the womanizer (mine is a soft blue/green, though it comes in black and dark purple as well), making this toy a completely body-safe silicone sex toy. Silicone material does limit (barely) the types of lubricants you can use. Water-based lubricant is safe with all toys, although using silicone lube with a silicone toy can damage it. Yes, only the head of the Womanizer Next would be lubed up, but why risk it?


Oil-based lubricant can work as well, though it’s not safe to use with condoms, so if any of the oil-based lubricant goes from the head of the toy to a condom, that could damage the condom. I have many water-based lubes to recommend, some oil-based lubes not to recommend, and hybrid lubes that may be worth a try. Please read my article on lubricants to learn more about hybrid lubes).

I’m thrilled to inform you that the Womanizer Next is water-proof, making clean-up extra easy. On top of that, you can take the Womanizer Next underwater with you, be it a jack-off session in the bath or the pool (don’t have it underwater for more than 30 minutes). 

There’s no need to sanitize the Womanizer Next. A simple mix of soap and water against the part of the toy that comes in contact with the body or bodily fluids is all you need to get your toy clean and safe. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, however, you can use toy cleaner after your session to get the vag juices off and wash it before the subsequent use when you aren’t out cold, having come over and over again…

My Experience with the Womanizer Next

When I got the Womanizer Next, I was ecstatic. Though Womanizer has frequent releases, I still get excited for every new toy they announce. 

I was never a massive fan of the Smart Silence feature. Because it was so quiet, I did not need to turn it off in a hurry. Plus, the Smart Silence sometimes doesn’t work when the Womanizer Next is underwater, presumably because the technology can’t always figure out what’s water and your body. Regardless, I can’t knock off any points for the Smart Silence feature; it’s not something I seek out. 

Now, with two new fissures above my clitoris to contend with, I am cautious to not only use lube every time but also use lubricant that won’t irritate the open wounds on my vulva. I used the coconut oil-based CBD lubricant on my clitoris, where direct contact would be made with the Womanizer Next, allowing a more comfortable jack-off session. 

Because of these current injuries and my need for comfort and safety, the “climax control” and the fourteen different intensity settings tremendously helped keep my vulva safe. 

I didn’t use the autopilot feature against my sensitive vulva, though I did use it against my hand so that I could say I turned it on at some point. I was neither pleased nor displeased by the patterns; I wasn’t interested in them. 

Usually, I clutch the sex toy in my hand, but with this sex toy oral sex simulator, I don’t have to. I could relax my hand with enough pressure to hold it against my body without breaking contact. I’ve been with people who have had carpal tunnel pain, and I’ve had tendonitis in my dominant hand and, back then, was unable to masturbate for weeks. Had I had the Womanizer Next or any number of sex toys that are accessible for the handicapped, I would have jacked up a lot more orgasms in college. 


The Womanizer Next has all the features of the more recent Womanizer Toys, with a few extra features. Unfortunately, this means there are even more buttons to control (I detest more than two or three). However, I’d argue that the “climax control” button made it worth that extra button. That fourth button allowed me to keep on comin’ easier than it would typically be because the intensity was lowered enough not to irritate my clitoris. 

Get the Womanizer Next if you need more intensity control like I do. It was a (literal) pleasure to play with the intensities and climax control that the Womanizer Next offered. That being said, the essential functions of the Womanizer Next can be seen in most other Womanizer toys like the Duo, the Liberty, Liberty 2 (and the Liberty by Lily Allen), and Premium 2 (there’s a lilac version!). (Don’t get the Womanizer OG; that is useless.)

Womanizer Europe

Not in the US? I got you, fam. Check out the Womanizer Next at their European site.

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Womanizer Next

$219 USD



Loud to quiet


Suction Strength


Options and Extras



  • literally is "whisper-silent"
  • 14 different intensities of suction
  • silicone, body-safe
  • climax control - a feature to immediately decrease intensity
  • "Auto-pilot" option (pre-made patterns)

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