REVIEW: Melt by We-Vibe

REVIEW: Melt by We-Vibe

First Impression

The Melt by We-Vibe rests on some bushes on its side. The head of the toy is static, it cannot be changed like the womanizer womaniser

I love anything, and everything We-Vibe packaged. The Melt by We-Vibe-an oral sex simulator-was no exception. It came in a sturdy box that I’ll be able to repurpose and use for years. It’s sturdy and durable, and while it does indeed show an illustration of the toy on the outside, the packaging We-Vibe uses to deliver the toy in is discreet.

Inside the box was the charger for the We-Vibe Melt, a bag for storage, and a sample of lubricant. You may not think a suction toy like the Melt would need lube, but lube usually makes for a smoother, more comfortable experience with most toys.

Holy fucking shit, folks, this is a fantastic toy. While it may not be the first of its kind (see: Womanizer and Satisfier), this toy is incredible.

Let’s Get Physical

Melt by We-Vibe is an oral sex simulator that creates suction and pulses of air.

The Melt by We-Vibe is an excellent toy for couples. It’s slim, which allows bodies to have more contact. Unlike the Womanizer, however, the Melt only has one permanent clit sucker, which means larger clits, or clits on T, may have an issue fitting in the Melt.

We-Vibe is marketing pleasure Air™ as a unique feature. According to We-Vibe, the Melt uses Pleasure Air™ technology to create a gentle suction while forcing out small pulses of air. In all honesty, it’s nearly the same as the Womanizer; I don’t feel much difference.

Something that most toys made by We-Vibe have is the ability to control via an app. They had a bit of a scandal with the information collected by the app in the past; I’m still a fan. You can connect from basically any part of the world via the app and control your sex partner from afar. It’s a fun, handy function when the two – or more – of you are apart.

Design of the Melt

The Melt by We-Vibe is controlled by two buttons that start the toy and control the suction rate.

The design for the Melt is magnificent. Its slim body makes it easier to use with a partner when having intercourse with a penis or a toy. It’s currently the best couples vibe that I’ve used. The design is quite simple: there’s a (+) and a (-) button. That’s it. You press and hold the (+) to start it and control the intensity; you press and hold the (-) button for a moment to quickly turn it off.

Most or all of the toys that We-Vibe makes are rechargeables worth the money and good for the environment. This suction toy has two magnetic pieces below the (+) and (-). All you do is match the magnets of the toy and the charger, and you’re all set to go. Additionally, the Melt has a 4-hour standby mode if you need to take a break to recharge.

The only con of this toy is that not all clit-owners will be able to use this toy because it isn’t customizable like the Womanizer or Satisfier. If you have a tiny or a slightly bigger clit, this could work. A larger clit most likely won’t fit, but because all bodies are different, I cannot make that blanket statement.

Materials, Care, and Keeping

The Melt is made of body-safe silicone. While you cannot boil this toy to sanitize it because it has electronics running through it, you can simply wash with soap and water. In general, cleaning sex toys that are silicone with water and soap will do. Silicone isn’t porous, and pure soap and water will keep the Melt ready for use.

It’s also waterproof, which for me, for a time, was essential. I wasn’t comfortable masturbating with my partner in the other room, so I chose to take my toys into the bath. Taking toys into the tub gave me an extra sense of privacy.

That being said, I loved playing with the Melt in the bath. For one thing, I squirted for the first time with the Melt, so a bathroom was the place to be.

My Experience with the We-Vibe Melt

Melt by We-Vibe is a suction-based toy.

As I mentioned briefly above, I squirted for the first time with the Melt and every time after that. No other toy has done that for me, not even g-spot sex toys. I’m not sure why my body does that with the Melt and not more traditional toys you think of when you squirt, but I love it.

Because the Melt by We-Vibe is waterproof, I was able to take it into the bath and tell my partner not to come in. She wouldn’t have heard it anyway because the Melt is near-silent. However, if it has water in it, it can make a sort of choking pulse until you either shake the water out or place it underwater again.

My clit is the perfect size for the Melt’s suction hole. At first, I was a bit worried when I saw that the suction head is not removable, but I was lucky to be the perfect fit. That is, however, limiting for some people.

I cannot get over how oral sex simulator feels like the real deal, and that’s a significant “pro” in my mind. Having the ability to receive that stimulation without her is fantastic. When I finally get around writing a “best sex toys for beginners” post, the Melt will be on it.

Final Thoughts

The Melt by We-Vibe is an oral sex simulator. Unlike the Womanizer, it only has one head option.

I’m a big fan of the Melt. It is currently my favorite clit toy. While it doesn’t provide the same sensation as my favorite bullet or a wand, it’s now the sensation that I prefer. Now, for those of you with larger clits, this toy may not work. However, We-Vibe also works with the Womanizer, which typically has a few different sizes of the head to accommodate your body.

Where can you purchase the We-Vibe Melt?

You can buy the We-Vibe Melt at my favorite online sex shops:

Go fuck yourself.

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Melt by We-Vibe

  1. This review really makes me want to give my Melt another shot, man. It’s just so STRONG, but your love of it inspires me

    1. GAH it’s amazing! It is very powerful… You could always try a Womanizer. They’re incredibly powerful have more options than the Melt, it seems.

    1. God, yes. I fucking love suction/air-pulse toys! They’re amazing. I squirt every time with them which is something I didn’t expect because I don’t have g-spot stim with them.

  2. I’m glad that We-Vibe finally realized that offering the Melt in more than one color is a good idea. Coral is a nice color, but it certainly isn’t right for everyone. Adding the midnight blue option will certainly broaden the Melt’s appeal.

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