Where Sex Toys Gather

Where Sex Toys Gather

Hey all! Welcome to A Bundle of Sex Toys, a sex toy roundup that is a collection of sex toy reviews, giveaways and sex articles posted from the past week or so. The purpose of this roundup is to get all those sex-positive reviews from around the web in one place.

The guidelines are short and simple: be respectful, don’t shame anyone for anything. I reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason. When the roundup is published, and your review is included, please repost it to your site as-is. Only reviews from the previous and current month may be included. For each review, submit a new form.

Follow Rose on Twitter @on_her_back for Sex Toy Roundup posts. If you want to submit your review for A Bundle of Sex Toys next week, fill out the submission form on this page and get it in the day before it’s due to be published. Because this is a new roundup, the timing is subject to change but for now, submissions are due by Tuesday and the roundup will be published on Wednesday.

Vibrator Review

Melt – On Her Back

We-Vibe Sync – Couplespice

We-Vibe Nova – Utopia Sex Toys

Dildo Review

Croxic – After the Yes

Fuze Ten Ace – Couple Spice


Palm Grease for D*ck Stroking, Fist F*cking, and Other High Viscosity Needs – On Her Back

Rings, Strokers, Masturbators

Pivot – Couple Spice

SVAKOM Winni – Couple Spice


How I lost interest in masturbation – After the Yes

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