A Bargain Toy & Reliable Toy – OG Pro 2 & P. Cat Review

A Bargain Toy & Reliable Toy – OG Pro 2 & P. Cat Review

Although I’ve never reviewed toys by Tracy’s Dog, I’ve used some myself. I was given the P. Cat and the OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for review. 

The OG Pro 2 by Tracy's Dog is reminiscent of other dual-stimulating toys that target the G-Spot and clit. The P. Cat is an awful pink shaped like a curved Womanizer.
The OG Pro 2 by Tracy’s Dog is reminiscent of other dual-stimulating toys that target the G-Spot and clit

First Impressions

After I’d accepted these two toys, I found out that people have strong opinions on the P.Cat, but I hadn’t heard much about the OG Pro 2. After researching the OG Pro 2, I saw they use the air-pulse technology that Lovehoney has developed, and they make that clear. While I haven’t used a Lovehoney air pulse toy yet, I’d love to compare the two. 

The packaging of both of these Tracy’s Dog toys was excellent. Both came in sturdy black boxes with an unassuming “Tracy’s Dog” written outside. Inside each box are copious pieces of literature that give the user ALL the information about each toy they could need. 

The OG Pro 2 has a charger and a few fun stickers, while the P. Cat has the same and a soft storage bag to keep the toy clean. I’m a fan of the bags that come with toys. I have a massive box of them because I can’t get rid of the good ones. 

Materials and Care

Both of these Tracy Dog vibrators are made out of silicone, and the OG  Pro 2 has ABS gold accents. If you use lube for the OG Pro 2, ensure it’s a trusted water-based lube. Because both toys are silicone, silicone lube can damage the toy, which would be devastating because it would become unusable and, therefore, in the case of the OG Prom, a damn waste of money. 

To clean these toys, spot-clean them with soap and water. Silicone is a body-safe material that does not harbor bacteria. However, as these toys are not waterproof, you can’t completely submerge them in water to clean them. This is a tad bit annoying, considering how it’s challenging to get into the clit-sucker part of the OG Pro 2 and the P. Cat, which is a necessity to clean. 

The OG Pro 2 has a remote, so you don’t have to pull out the toy whenever you want to change intensity or patterns, which is always helpful.


Functions: Pleasure Air Technology

Patterns: 3 power levels and ten suction modes

2-in-1Toyy: suction and vibration mode

USB Rechargeable: 1h full charge = 90 min play

Material: Sikly soft, safe silicone & IPX-5 Water Resistant

OG Pro 2

Functions: Suction & G spot stimulation

Patterns: 10 suction & vibration modes

2-in-1Toyy: suction and vibration mode

USB Rechargeable: 2h full charge = 60 min play

Material: Sikly soft, safe silicone & IPX-6 Water Resistant

Suction: built with Pleasure Air technology, licensed by Lovehoney

My Experience

P. Cat Experience

Something to note is that the shape of the clit sucker is very different from one toy to the toy, which isn’t necessarily bad, but something to consider. My clitoris is smaller, so most suction toys work with my body. The P. Cat is smaller and more oval-shaped, while the OG Pro 2 has a circular clit-sucker. In that respect, the OG Pro 2 stands more of a chance of accommodating more enormous clits than the P. Cat. 

I didn’t even realize that the P.Cat  vibrates; I was so focused on the suction. I’ve seen the P. Cat get negative attention and have several problems. For instance, the P. Cat is a fucking ugly in color and design. And although it’s relatively quiet, it doesn’t have the features I am looking for, like being waterproof. 

I tend to squirt when I use air-pulse (or suction) sex toys, and the P. Cat made that possible. While I didn’t notice the vibrations, I sure as fuck felt the sucking. The air pulse of the P. Cat wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. It was the suction equivalent of a buzzy toy, with the frequency at which it suctions. The P. Cat does not hold up when compared to other toys that are suction toys. 

OG Pro 2 Experience

The  OG Pro 2 is far from a unique design. I’ve tried many toys like it. Some overpriced ones weren’t worth it, while some cheaper, white-label toys hit the spot. Still, others did the trick and were affordable. 

Meanwhile, the OG Pro 2 is almost $60, so it is not cheap. However, with the vibrations in the g-spotting shaft and the strong suction, the  OG Pro 2 hits the spot. 

When internal vibrations are an option, I don’t usually take advantage of that feature when I’m not using it for review. However, recently, ROMP has had several g-spot vibrators that are excellent. The OG Pro 2’s vibrating feature was fantastic. This is not a quiet toy, but the vibrations paired with the textured g-spot shaft were excellent. 

Furthermore, the OG Pro’s body is flexible to accommodate your body. I could close my legs with the OG Pro and have it do the job for me with no hands.


The P. Cat is an affordable sex toy, and I am thankful for that. We can’t all dish out hundreds of sex toys, so it’s always lovely to find an adequate toy you can afford at $39.99. The P. Cat is on the lower end of the price range of sex toys. However, choosing a toy based on the price is not always ideal, as many are expensive but often necessary. Other affordable suction toys out there may work better than the P. Cat (and undoubtedly look a fuckton better) with similar low prices. 

I did like the OG Pro 2. It reminds me of another toy similar in design. Well, it’s practically the same design, if we’re honest. However, it’s a design that works for me. 

In Case This Isn’t Your Ball Game

If neither toy seems what you’d want, rest assured that dozens of Toyother toys function the same (but better than the P. Cat). Likewise, the OG Pro 2 has alternatives if you’re looking for a suction toy with a g-spotter. The OG Pro’s g-spot shaft is rather pronounced, so a toy with a pronounced curve may be what you’re looking for. 

If you want to try the affordable P. Cat or the OG  Pro 2, you can find them at Tracy’s Dog. 

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I’m Curious…

If you could have a superpower, such as invisibility or teleportation, which would you choose?

OG Pro 2


Vibrations (Low to High)


G-Spot Stim vibration




Suction Power



  • Suction toys are always fun
  • G-spot curve hit just right
  • The internal vibrations are strong and I can feel each movement inside of me, which feels amazing


  • Not waterproof, which means you have to spot-clean them, which is always a pain
  • The OG Pro 2 is fucking loud

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