A Fantastic Feast of a Toy – Bel Air Bombshell Review

A Fantastic Feast of a Toy – Bel Air Bombshell Review

It’s time for another Betty’s Toy Box review, and today, I’m thrilled to talk about the Bel Air Bombshell rabbit vibrator. 

First Impressions

Sex toys from Betty’s Toy Box arrive in unassuming packages, leaving everything to the imagination. The  Bel Air Bombshell rabbit vibrator comes in sturdy packaging with a clear front to see what you’re getting with your purchase. 

When I saw the Bel Air Bombshell, I was smitten’. I love rabbit vibrators because of their vast sensations – in this case, rotating beads and flickering tongues. Most rabbit vibrators work with my body. I have a small clit positioned not too far from my vaginal opening, which is good news for me. The Tongue sports several flicking “tongues,” which bodes well for constant stimulation. While it isn’t the first toy with a triple tongue to stimulate the clit, it is the first that uses only vibrations to move the ears.

I was thrilled to see that the Bel Air Bombshell rabbit vibrator was not only curved to stimulate the g-spot but there were rotating beads and a flickering rabbit arm (or “tongue”). This vibrator reminded me of the first rabbit vibrator I ever used and reviewed. I was blown away, although the Ooh! Rabbit is no longer in production; it was a new experience. The Bel Air Bombshell is reminiscent of the Ooh! Rabbit in the sense that it has rotating beads. However, the Bel Air Bombshell is a beautiful teal silicone that doesn’t hint at the inner workings. 

Materials, Care, and Keeping of the Bel Air Bombshell

I’ve found that lube enhances sensations nearly 100% of the time, especially for rabbits. Because the Bel Air Bombshell has rotating beads, it’s of the utmost importance that you use lube to facilitate the rotation. Lube comes in several varieties, but seeing as though the Bel Air Bombshell is silicone, water-based lube will suit it best.

Silicone lube, which is great for ass play and long-lasting, can harm silicone toys. I’m a massive fan of the water-based Sliquid line, but I’m just as happy with other water-based lube from brands I’ve tried and tested many times before. However, hybrid lube (like Spunk that mimics actual cum) is an option; test it with the toy first.

To clean the silicone, wash the Bel Air Bombshell rabbit vibrator underwater with a healthy amount of lube. Silicone is a body-safe toy that does not absorb icky bodily fluids or harbor bacteria, so washing with soap and water will do the trick. If you’re feeling lazy, as I often am at night when I masturbate, wipe the toy with a toy cleaner, drop it on your nightstand, and go to bed.

Bel Air Bombshell in Action

Bel Air bombshell is a tea rabbit sex toy with a double tongue that stimulates the g-spot
Look at them tongues for your clitoris!

The Bell Air Bombshell has three buttons that control the ten functions of vibrations and three vibration speeds. The buttons are a breeze; you don’t have to look at the toy. There’s even a travel lock, so TSA doesn’t suspect foul play.

One button controls the vibrations of the clitoral stimulating rabbit arms while the other controls the rotating beads. I was thrilled that each function could be owned independently. I wouldn’t say I like toys that don’t allow me to turn off one or the other.

My Experience with the Bel Air Bombshell

After slathering on a healthy glob of lube, I turned the toy on. In my vagina, with the beads rotating, I found that I was too distracted by that sensation to experience the g-spotting tip of the toy. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. As the beads rolled against the enterence/g-spot of my vagina, I felt every movement – so much so that I completely forgot about the g-spotting end. While the constant pressure of the head of the toy was stimulating, the beads were exquisite. 

The arm of the rabbit vibrator was positioned perfectly for my body, which checks out, considering how the Cal Exotic rabbit vibrator always aligns well with my clit. LINKS TO CAL EXOTICS. I was thrilled with the three tongues on the rabbit arm.

 Although it was in constant contact with my clit, the three tongues kept a continuous connection with my body, which bodes well for others’ experience with the Bel Air Bombshell. As the arm vibrated, I felt every tongue, and when I felt inspired to thrust the toy deeper into my body, the language kept vibrating without the pressure of my grip, making the vibrations weaker. 

The more sensations a toy has, the more opportunity for failure. However, the Bel Air Bombshell delivers. I could stop the beads from rotating with a push of a button, although I chose not to. Usually, with rabbits, I lube, insert, and enjoy. In the case of the Bel Air Bombshell case, I took a few minutes to enjoy each stimulation. 

While this isn’t how they’re often used, rabbit vibrators can safely be used anally, and I’ll often dabble into that. While I don’t have a penis, I expect many readers to have one, so I’ll put things in my butt. In the case of the Bel Air Bombshell case, I flipped the rabbit around so that the tongues of the arm tickled my anus. Ticklish – yes. However, it was a crazy feeling, reminiscent of being rimmed by the rabbit’s arm. That’s undoubtedly a unique sensation to experience. 


Want Something Similar?

So far, I’ve liked nearly every Cal Exotic toy I’ve used. Most recently, I reviewed the Palisades Passion for Betty’s Toy Box. It is another rabbit vibrator with a “thumping” arm that hits the right spot. It was reminiscent of my fingers but didn’t get tired, and the sex toy kept moving as long as I needed it. 

If you think that the Bel Air Bombshell may not position properly with your anatomy, the Nova stands a better chance of working with you because it keeps a continuous connection with your clit. 


I loved the Bel Air Bombshell. It’s up there with my other Cal Exotic favorites and was a pleasure to use again and again. The beautiful blue of the BAB was a welcome variation away from the purple and pink that the sex toy industry manufacturers obsessively. 

All three ways the BAB stimulated were appreciated, over and over again. This is a definite step up from other rabbits I’ve tried, and the beads were a bonus. The rotating beads turned this simple rabbit into a triple-functioning bombshell of a toy. 

Buy the Bel Air Bombshell

The Bel Air Bombshell lays on matching teal fabric with flowers in the background.

Please hop over to Betty’s Toy Box to purchase the Bel Air Bombshell or any other toys I’ve mentioned, like the Palisades Passion or Nova. Among those few, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

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Question for You!

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Bel Air Bombshell


Sound - Loud to Quiet


Aesthetically Pleasing


Multiple Functions that Work


Vibration Strength


Compatible with Body?



  • Waterproof
  • Three tongues ensure constant contact
  • Rotating beads
  • G-spot curve


  • Position of clit stimulator is fixed. May not work for all bodies, although it worked for mine

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