Sex Magic Grimoire – A Jaw-Dropping Journey Into Sacred Masturbation #1

Sex Magic Grimoire – A Jaw-Dropping Journey Into Sacred Masturbation #1

A hand with colorful nails holds up a purple vibrator in this post about sex magic.

I’m a Dog-gon Witch Practicing Sex Magic

As a practicing witch, I harness the energy in myself and the universe. I’m reading a few books on sex magick, and the book suggests that I start my little masturbation grimoire. 

I’ve always been interested in Sex Magic, and I’ve read book after book about it until I finally felt I knew enough to keep that magick comin’. The book I’m currently reading, Sacred Sex, suggests setting up your space ceremonially with accessories, mood-setting decor, and altars. Now, I’m all for redecorating, so this will be a lot of fun. One of the first steps I’m going to take is to make myself a resin yoni – or five – for my sex altar. I’ve also got a fun art thing going, a way to memorialize each sex toy I use on this blog, and those paintings will be a magickal addition to my office.

Let’s Get Fancy with Sex Magic

Usually, I masturbate on a whim. I always have toys to review, so if I have the time or incentive to masturbate, I grab a toy I’ve hoped is charged and book it to my office, where my notebook and pen are waiting. In one swift move, I throw down a towel, take off my pants, and then get busy. 

There’s not usually any ceremony for the masturbation sessions I have. Pants down < masturbate < take notes, but I’m willing to mix that up a bit. Our google home controls the lighting, so I’ve got an easy way to set the mood right there. I regularly cleanse my crystals and have a bunch of selenite, a stone that is self-cleansing (in the sense that it doesn’t absorb and store negative energy), that I can keep beside the toys I intend to use. BOOM. Witchy right there. 

On top of that, reading about sex magick to me is plenty sexy. Knowing there’s so much potential within myself through doing something I’m doing anyway is inspiring. I used to feel out of control of my life, and then I discovered modern-day magick, and I was hooked. Magick gives me a portal into my inner self, the self I didn’t know I could access before witchcraft. Now, I try to incorporate my magic into my daily life. Since my job is to masturbate, sex magic is a good path.

Is It All Magickal?

Will every post be magickal in the sense that I’ve turned that session into something sexy? Fuck no. That’s not my style, but I will masturbate with more intention than I usually give my pants-off, rocks-off sessions. I’ll record the toys I use and a little bit about how they hit the right spot (or did not). Sex magic can be fun, and I will give it my all.

While these won’t be mini-reviews, I want to give you all an idea of how effective – or not – the toy I chose to use is. You’ll find that I typically use a toy for review a few times, and sometimes, I don’t reach orgasm with that toy. This is normal for me, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on a subpar toy when a tried-and-true vibrator can finish me off.

One of the first moves I’m going to make is clean my goddamn room so that I have a comfortable, sexy place to touch myself in. Then, I’m going to set up my altar and go the fuck at myself. If there’s something in this journal you’d like me to mention, let me know, and I’ll turn some of my focus to that time or two for you all. 

Wish me a magickal, happy fucking!

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