TMI Tuesday – Religion

TMI Tuesday – Religion

A nun in a skimpy outfit looks seductively into the camera. The topic today is religion and how it impacts my sex life.

Sex & Religion

It’s TMI Tuesday time and today the topic is religion and sex – how does it impact my sex life?

How important is religion in your life?

I practice eclectic witchcraft and am not Wicca so, while I’m spiritual, I’m not religious, but I’m open to exploring Wicca.

How often do you use pornography?

If I’m *not* reviewing a toy or not filming sex for the internet then, yes, I’ll watch porn. I have porn all over my Twitter account, but my kink is golden showers. So, when I have a job to take care of I search for Golden Showers.

Also, I make porn and get paid for my work. It’d be a bit odd if I didn’t also watch porn for research.

Do you feel your religion restricts sexual behavior?

On the contrary, it encourages it. I’ve been doing some research into sex magic and have found very positive results.

Is your participation in sex, of any kind, tempered because of your own religious beliefs?

Rarely but I do have to focus intention into sex so I’m always aware of what’s going on in my mind.

Can you be kinky and practice religion?

Oh hell yes, you can.

Bonus: Are you aspiring to anything?

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