TMI Tuesday: Spring Has Sprung!

TMI Tuesday: Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Supposedly the warmer weather makes us want to strip down and get down. Tell TMI Tuesday blog about your sexy spring. And once you read mine, comment and tell me what your answers would be!

1. Do you shave and what do you shave?

Yep. If I don’t my mother and sister get on my case about shaving. I’ve started being embarrassed by my body hair now because of that. And, let’s face it, it’s frowned upon that a woman would be hairy and showing the hair. That makes me sef-conscious and I wish it wouldn’t.

I get my pubic hair waxed with a nice, big triangle every so often but that shit be too expensive to do it regularly. Too much pubic hair and I get embarrassed and too little I get embarrassed. I have a love-hate relationship with my pubic hair. I’m more forgiving with leg and armpit hair.

2. Do you or would you have sex with the windows open in the spring?

Oh, fuck yeah I would. I never used to because there are so many kids around but they’re not going to know what the wet slapping of bodies and moans mean. As for the shades: Since I’m on the third floor I’d keep the blinds open just for kicks once or twice and see how I like it.

3. Does your body confidence improve as the weather gets warmer and you body is less covered?

As long as I don’t have leg/armpit hair I feel pretty confident while wearing less. I wish I could go topless like the men, though.

4. Does warmer weather turn you on?

I def like seeing all that skin. Not only does it turn me on to see other people in less clothing, it turns me on to see me in less clothing, with my shaved legs on display.

5. Love, romance, and sex. For you, which of these gets better in spring?

Sex because that’s all I have energy for.

Bonus: Thinking of a current relationship that is important to you, what “Spring cleaning” needs to be done? Meaning– Assess what serves you–what to you want to keep, what do you want to throw away?

I need to throw away all the fucking trash on my floor, make my beds, and buy sexy panties because I haven’t done that in….like almost a year. Yeah, it’s def time for new panties. *Yesterday I bought comic-book, star wars, and minion bikini panties which I find quite sexy.

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