TMI: Was I Afraid to Masturbate?

TMI: Was I Afraid to Masturbate?

A person holds a grapefruit and positions their fingers as though they'd finger a vagina. Another person holds a banana.
No, no I was not.

1. Would you help pay for your own engagement ring?

Yes, in fact my wife and I, a few months ago, bought each other engagement rings. It was a joint effort and we’re starting to pool our finances together now that we’re going to be married. What’s hers, is mine, too.

2. Were you ever afraid to masturbate?

I wasn’t afraid to masturbate but there was sense of shame involved. My mother, when I was 13 or so (I think?) told me that masturbation was normal and nothing to be ashamed of. At that time I hadn’t given it a try yet. Now, however, it’s my full-time job.

3. These days what gives you the most comfort?

Books. Books and everything to do with them and my pets. I have three box turtles that I got 20 years ago, a Bearded Dragon and a kitten. Books and animals are the things that never fail to make me feel better.

4. What is distinct about you?

There isn’t anything especially distinct about me. People are shocked to find out that I’m a “sex toy reviewer” or “sex toy tester.” It’s always fun coming out to them about that. I also currently am a sex worker which I tell even fewer people about. I’m also about to marry a woman. That’s public, though.

Bonus: What in the past week has given you immense joy?

Letting my turtles roam around the floor; chatting with new online friends; and writing and looking at my new books.

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