Sinful Sunday – A Moment of Happiness

Sinful Sunday – A Moment of Happiness

Rose is wearing a bright blue and pink bralette with a HUGE smile on her face. Her mental health has been suffering and she has been focusing on that but neglecting her body. Here she is, just back from a walk!

I haven’t announced this publicly, but my wife told me she was divorcing me the day after I got out of the psych ward in May (I was having a grippy-sock vacation for a week). I’m struggling and have been going up and down. My mood today was pretty good b/c I distracted myself, but then I started to get down. So, I went for a walk. I’m in IOP (intensive outpatient program), and I’m working my fucking ASS off to get better. DBT is helping a lot. I’m doing everything I need to emotionally… but I’ve neglected my body. Here I am, post-walk, and I feel absolutely amazing b/c I met my step goal and know how good that long walk was for me. My mind is healing, and now it’s time I get my act together and work on my body-mind connection.

Sinful Sunday

2 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – A Moment of Happiness

  1. As much as I love Sinful Sunday (and I REALLY love Sinful Sunday) I’ve long been uncomfortable with the idea of “sin”. And never more so that when I read a post like this. If happiness is a sin, I hope we all burn in Hell.
    I’m glad to hear you’re getting to a better place.

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