50 Shades Giveaway

50 Shades Giveaway

Lovehoney kinkHey peeps! Lovehoney is partnering with me to do a giveaway. In light of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie having just come out I thought it would be fun to give away a bondage kit. Krista from Lovehoney and I decided on the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit. Now, it may sound scary but it’s perfectly acceptable for beginners. (Scroll down for entry.)

I wanted to give you a safe way to play, a safe way to explore your sexuality and your partner. The cuffs are made for comfort and won’t cause damage to the wrists like metal handcuffs, something I worry a lot of beginners may try.

I do want to address something about the movie, though. There wasn’t trust, mutual respect, or complete consent. Those are all essential for this type of play. If you want to have good advice on bondage I’d recommend the following books.

For instructional exploration in kink, Tristan Taormino is an awesome sex educator who is a skilled author and well-versed in kink; Midori is also an expert in kink and although her book may be aimed for a bit more experienced kinky peeps, it’s still a helpful read:

As for erotica that displays consensual female submission, I’d suggest:

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit

(Just an FYIzzle: If you click on the pictures and purchase one of those books, I’ll get a percentage of the sales!)

71 thoughts on “50 Shades Giveaway

    1. Awesome! Do you have any idea which one of you gets to try it first? I think it’d be so cool to have a friend tie me up and then have my unsuspecting partner show up with me waiting for them.

  1. We have been looking at adding this to our relationship at home, also keep up the good we my partner and I both love your blog

  2. My fiance and I used to experiment and have fun all the time. We would try to think of new things and positions and just went wild. It’s been a few years since we have been able to do a whole lot because we have a daughter now. It would be fun to have something new and surprise him. 🙂

  3. Why do I want to get kinky? I’m already kinky! But one can never have enough toys, and we all have a budget to consider. 😉

    The only question is whether I should restrain my partner first, or offer myself to be restrained?

    I do like your comments about the movie, too. It’s great that the 50 Shades juggernaut is encouraging people to explore their desires, but the story itself depicts a relationship that’s really unhealthy and not much sexy fun at all. Just as well there are so many better guides and examples out there!

  4. My girlfriend and I are long distance, so when we get together it’s rough and explosive. This would definitely help 😉

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