Giveaway: Meenus by Tentickle

Giveaway: Meenus by Tentickle

I’ve been around a long time, y’all, and I’ve seen a lot of sex toy companies made. Tentickle had the right idea in mind when they contacted me and asked if I’d review an item of theirs. When I set off to give away at least one toy every month, I hit Tentickle up and asked if they’d like to sponsor a giveaway of one of their toys in October.

I was given all three Fronky sizes, even before the “small Fronky” existed! The reviews aren’t live yet but I can tell you that if you like the look of the Fronky, you should go for it.

Tentickle Meenus Giveaway

17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Meenus by Tentickle

  1. Just recently got into the hobby of collecting “toys”
    I’ve run across a lot of maw toys but this one has to be my favorite. I have a huge soft spot for little shop of horrors and thats all I can think of when I see this
    “Feed me Seymore!”

  2. I looooove tentickle toys! I have a Fronky and it’s great, but dang do I like the look of the Meenus..

  3. I have been looking for a tentacle dildo for a while now, looking around what’s on the market, and this one kinda stopped me in my tracks. The base is really proper (and of course I love to sit myself on big dildos, both for the visual part and because it is the most effective). The concept is hilarious. It could be a mouth with a tongue. However it could also be an evil flower with teeth trying to fuck you. It could be the tentacle shooting out eggs. So far I havent seen another one like this

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