Giveaway! Chorus by We-Vibe

Giveaway! Chorus by We-Vibe

Y’all, this month I’m giving away the Chorus by We-Vibe. They make my favorite couples toys and although I don’t use them with a partner, the Chorus is a perfect solo toy, too. No need to limit yourself to needing a live penis, you can use these with dildos, too. This giveaway is open to the EU, UK, CA, or US!

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November: We-Vibe Chorus

28 thoughts on “Giveaway! Chorus by We-Vibe

    1. Also, I’m really happy to see you entering over and over again! I’ve come to look forward to your comments (even the “thank you for the giveaway” one). I appreciate feedback you’ve given me. Please, keep that up. It only helps me be better and better for y’all.

    1. Oh shit, I forgot that it’s not totally open worldwide my dude. I’m going to have to check on that. I’m sorry to disappoint if it’s not!

    1. I don’t recall if I’ve tried that one! I’ve tried most of them. This one has delicious rumbly vibe, a remote, and is app-controlled. Then again, they all do….

    1. Ohhhh good luck! I love mine. I actually don’t use it with a penis because my wife doesn’t like using hers. I use mine with a dildo. Lots of different ways to make this toy work 🙂

      1. We got a Lush 3 about a month back (got 6 other toys same time frame to better explore what wife likes / works best for us) – and she keeps going back to it. We’ve used the Lush with PIV a couple times, and she has used it probably a half dozen times with a neo elite 7.5″ no balls. The Lush 3 is pretty buzzy, especially compared to the we-vibe stuff we have (Touch X and the Nova 2) – so this would be nice a nice compliment to that.

        From male perspective – I love how much she enjoys the Lush, which her peak pleasure has been using it to finish missionary PIV with me doing smaller / shorter strokes. Which is good, since for me the Lush is a bit bulky and can get pretty rough if I I do full strokes or harder. As mentioned above, Lush is pretty buzzy, which can be numbing for both of us, but its especially numbing for me. I do bounce back quickly from that numbness, so totally worth it given how good it is for her.

        Still, will be nice to either win (or buy) the chorus and get lower profile and rumblier option – wife really likes clit stimulation and the touch x has been her go-to for that since we got it.

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