Be a Guest Reviewer on This Blog (toy included!)

Be a Guest Reviewer on This Blog (toy included!)

Fellow sex toy fiends,

I’ll keep this simple. I’m hosting a giveaway where the winner will receive a toy to review on my blog from Good Vibrations (thanks, guys!) of their choice from the following three toys by Pleasure Works:

cadet gv
The Cadet
don juan GV]
Don Juan
siren dildo gv



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67 thoughts on “Be a Guest Reviewer on This Blog (toy included!)

    1. Haha nope! 😉 Just one. Pleasure Works is great though. Whichever one you pick will probs please you (if you know what I mean) 😛

  1. This is an interesting idea for a giveaway. I never really thought about doing a guest review on my site since I tend to prefer to write everything myself. I’d love a chance to review an item for you, though, I’m more curious to see how this giveaway plays out.

  2. Let me know how to enter/ be considered as a guest reviewer, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with my review.

  3. SO badly! I’ve been considering getting into sex toy reviews for awhile now but haven’t gotten the chance to try it out yet. I’d be interested to see how it all goes! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  4. I’ve always wanted to write product reviews for fun. Actually, I’ve always just wanted to write something for publication. I’m getting into toy play and loving it. This contest would combine 2 things I love

  5. I really, really want to be a guest blogger here. Let me explain why. I’ll try to make it short. I have long wanted to get the education needed to become a sexpert. I planned my blog that would be sex-positive, open to all genders and orientations, where I could write reviews on the many toys, sex info books and erotica I’ve collected over the years, and to pay homage to the women in sex who have inspired me over the years.

    Instead of writing a blog I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cranial nerve disorder 3 years ago. I’ve undergone a failed (and learned later entirely incorrect) brain surgery, two additional surgeries, Botox and nerve blocks poked into every spot on my head, neck and right ear that many physicians could reach. Nothing has helped. Each day it feels as though my right ear is being stabbed with an ice pick. There is no cure for this, only pain management. I’ve finally reached a place of exasperation with the, “Poke her with this and see what happens,” model of care.(I much prefer that attitude in bed- not on an exam table!)

    I am intent upon living my life again, no matter how bad it hurts. My plans for this year, other than suing the incompetent neurosurgeon who cut open my skull to “massage” a nerve-not the right one-just the first he saw- is to get certified as a sexpert and finally start my blog on all my favorite sexual things. I would be delighted to write a guest blog for you! I love your toy reviews and your voice, views and personality! I hope to be picked and have my guest blog for you be my first step towards sharing my sexual adventures, advice and opinions online! Thanks!

  6. I dabbled in sex toy reviewing last Summer, but I couldn’t keep that project going with my current obligations. I would love to get the chance to do this one-time thing! Also, I’ve had an interest for the Siren for a while now.

  7. I would love this opportunity.

    I dabbled in trying to start my own blog but very quickly became overwhelmed.

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