Diddling Dates #1

Diddling Dates #1

IMG_5703November 21, 2015:

I discovered the Stronic Zwei, the toy that stimulated my g-spot like a crazy mofo when I was feeling exceptionally lazy. I wrote a hurried review of it because I wanted everyone to know how awesome it is. I also posted a vid of it fucking my vagina, something I’ve never done before. I got quite a thrill out of it, too. I jacked-off twice yesterday but only came once. It was the journey, not the ending that I craved.


  • Stronic Zwei (Like fingers that never get tired)
  • Pure Wand (all I had to do was put it in me and lay it there)
  • Mona 2 (OMG yasss)
  • Blush Novelties (Dual-density) Nudes
  • Amorino (sprayed girly juice everywhere when I took it out)
  • Crystal Delights Juicer
  • Slippery Stuff Lube

I drooled over a compilation of women peeing in public; never fails to get me off.


  • Stronic Zwei
  • Pure Wand
  • Mimi soft (won this from Beck–watch it rummmmbbbllleeee)
  • Spunk Lube: Pink, water-based

I was actually watching an episode of “Bob’s Burgers,” not as porn, just because I was watching it before I decided to jack-off.

I also discovered what my vag juice looks like when it dries because I’m too fucking lazy after I come to get up and wash everything. I actually rather like the look of it. Considering posting photos.

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  1. Sounds like you had some fun testing those toys. My boyfriend always asks me if I would share videos of me using my toys. Maybe if I was younger, thinner and more attractive. Or perhaps if I knew there was someone out there who would really want to see that. But I doubt there is these days, when I was younger maybe…

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