REVIEW: Fifty Shades Freed Come to Bed Rabbit Vibrator

REVIEW: Fifty Shades Freed Come to Bed Rabbit Vibrator

Update 12/2019: AKA Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

I’m gonna be real with you…

I’m gonna be real with you all. The Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit Vibrator that I’m reviewing today is exactly like the 50 Shades Greedy Girl Rabbit that I’ve reviewed prior. When I accepted this rabbit I didn’t realize it was nearly the same as the one I already have. Lucky for me, and for you, I fucking love it the first time and like it just as much the same this time around. The first one I got and reviewed I loved and I’m going to do my best to make this review a teensy bit different than the first.

Something I feel is sketch about the “Greedy Girl/Fifty Shades Free” rabbit is that the prices vary based on the sale. For instance, Greedy Girl as of this review being written is almost $40 more than the Fifty Shades Free Rabbit that I’m reviewing right now. Let’s be honest, the color is different, the name is different, there’s about a .25 Inch difference, but the rabbits are eerily similar. So, to start with, I’m going to encourage you to look at both vibrators on Lovehoney’s site and see which one is cheaper and gauge how well you know your body.

The first introduction I had to the rabbit vibrator, the structure in general, was my mother telling me that they are dangerous. They tear your vagina, she said, in reference to the first rabbit that have rotating beads. Whether or not they were truly tearing vaginas, fuck if I know, but what I do know now is that if you use enough lube with modern rotating rabbits, your vagina ain’t gonna tear. 

Let’s get me started on the Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit

To start with, let’s take a look at the toy itself. The first one I got was black, this current one is a beautiful purple. The dimensions between the two of them are nearly identical, save for a few centimeters of difference given the base. While some toy’s coloring, like Mona’s purple, is bright and offensive (though I love the color), the 50 Shades Rabbit is a gorgeous deep purple. While it’s not black like the first, and black is the color I favor in my toys, this purple will do. The silicone is velvety and does not stick as some toys do. I can get pretty wet on my own and lube is not required for use to make this toy slide; though I preferred having it stationary inside of me.

The shape has a nubby, curved head of sort that does stimulate the g-spot, more significantly than a lot of g-spotters, even though it has a straight shaft. 

As I write this, with the rabbit on my desk in full light of both my neighbors and the sun, the metal-like ABS plastic is shining and the purple is purple reminiscent of one of the first toys I had: the Jejou something-or-other.

Fortunately “Fifty Shades Freed” is carved into the silicone of the rabbit so that I don’t get confused after having this for so long. 

The Good

The color is beautiful. It’s a fantastic break from the bright purple. While I adore bright colors, this would appeal to those who are looking for something more subtle.

The Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit Vibrator is powered

by two motors: one in the shaft and the other in the body of the toy. While this means that you get more patterns, in The Oops section I’ll explore why this is also an annoyance. The sensation of a vibration deep within my vagina, up against the g-spotter head of the toy allows for a unique sensation, one that you can’t get with a motor just in the rabbit ears.

The eight vibration patterns and 12 speeds allows you more control over what’s going to work best for your body and I’m always a fan of that. No two people are the same and the more options mean that it’s going to work for more people.

I’m a g-spotter fan and the dramatic shape of the head against a straight shafts offers a different sensation than, say, the Pure Wand or the Comet II. Though the Fifty Shades Freed Rabit Vibrator’s head not as pronounced as either of the previous toys listed, it still offers enough g-spot stimulation to make me and my vagina happy.

The Oops…

Not quite an “oops,” more of just an annoyance: the damn shaft vibrates through the base of the toy. However, I don’t think there’s any getting around that. The fact that there are two motors, and their placement, means that you’re just going to have to suck it up and deal with the vibrations traveling up your hand.

Don’t think the Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit Vibrator will work for you?

The Pure Wand is an excellent, metal g-spotter that not only has a dramatic curve but also has weight that makes every bit of the g-spotter more pronounced. Feeling lazy? The Fun Factory G Pulsator II is a great solution to that. I mention the G Pulsator because it’s curved head on a straight shaft is very similar to the Fifty Shades Free Rabbit Vibrator. Something a tad bit more similar would be the Fun Factory Bi-Stronic. Similar curve, rabbit ears (or, rather, butterfly wings?) and this’ll work for those as lazy as well. Just like the Fun Factory G Pulsator II, the Bi-Stronic pulsates thanks to fancy magnetic workings inside.

Yes, I would buy this and use it again

I’m going to give you the link for this rabbit, the Fifty Shades Free Rabbit Vibrator, and the Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator. Before you purchase either of these, check them both for whatever one is cheapest and fits your needs. I’m always going to keep it real with you all and I want you to have the best deal.

Do remember, when you purchase through one of those links I get a small portion of the sale that is going to go toward keeping my pets healthy. You can click on the links you find in this post to either see my reviews or be directed to Lovehoney’s site to see the toys I’ve mentioned.

Happy fucking, friends <3  

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