My Favorite Type of Foreplay (TMI Tuesday)

My Favorite Type of Foreplay (TMI Tuesday)

When I was younger I heard a lot of hype about foreplay. However, I found that I can get myself off much better than other people can. While I was dating men I would forego foreplay for PIV sex because it was not something I could do myself. I can get myself off just fine but I didn’t always have access to a penis so when I could, I’d use that.

I Used to Have Sex with Men

When I was having sex with men I wasn’t attracted to them. Not their bodies, rarely their minds, once or twice romantically. Because of that, I skipped foreplay most of the time. It just wasn’t worth it and I didn’t want to look at their bodies.

However, now that I’m going to marry the woman I’m with, foreplay is essentially all we do. While she does have a dick, I’m more attracted to her than I’ve ever been to a man.

I found in previous relationships with men that I enjoy sitting on faces until they have to tap out to breathe. The same is true with my fiancee. Face sitting is my ultimate show of power. But I respect the face I’m sitting on this time. For the star of the show comes the sex toys. That’s really how I get off.

I imagine you’d figure out that I like sex toys, it’s fantastic that I have all these tools to use with my fiancee like I do. I’m blessed to have found a profession that I can also use in my personal life.


I like sitting on faces and use sex toys as the holy grail of my sex life.

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