Highlight: The Vibed

Highlight: The Vibed

I am thrilled to announce my sponsorship with The Vibed! The Vibed’s slogan is, “True love starts with yourself!” and that slogan rings true. I’ve found that masturbation is the key to good sex; or good sex in itself. To support a store, I have to be comfortable with them, and most of the toys sold by The Vibed are body-safe. This sex store sells popular sex toys at competitive prices; that is a big deal. You’ll often find inflated prices for widely sold toys, so I appreciate a company that really values their customers’ money and experience.

If shipping is an issue, fear no further: The Vibed ships the same day or within 1 business day. On top of that, you get free shipping with a $15 order minimum which is the most competitive shipping rate I’ve come across in the industry. You also get a gift with every order; on top of that, no minimum purchase value is required.

At all times, the Vibed has about 2,000 curated products from the most popular brands. I also love how they organize their toys so extensively. They organize by brand, price, category, color, material, insertable length, product length, water resistance, and special features. Something to note is that they only ship out to North America. They even have a blog, which is always great. They have guides and educations on their blog, and that’s a great touch.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to review not one but four sex toys from the Vibed, and I have another four sitting here on my desk. If you want to check out what I thought about these four toys, feel free to check out the reviews below. Then, please take a look at the current toys I have for review.

Previous Reviews from The Vibed

Pom – A gender-affirming toy for my wife

Fantasy For Her, Her Silicone Fun Tongue – An absolutely ridiculous toy that – despite being weird – wasn’t totally horrible.

Blush Avant D15 Vision Of Love Colored Silicone Dildo – A dildo I could fit in my ass!

Viotec Tethys Touch Panel G-Spot Vibrator – I loved this toy and, in fact, I even gave it away during my 2021 year of sex toy giveaways!

Future Reviews for The Vibed

Wonderlust Serentity – You can check this toy out on their site. Review to follow soon!

Nu Sensuelle Pearl Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator – Check out this toy!

Tenga iroha mini Fuji-Lemon Waterproof Vibrator – Check out this toy on their site

Tenga iroha+ YORU Petite Rechargeable Vibrator – Check it out here!

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  1. I’ve gotten some good deals from The Vibed. They frequently have the lowest prices on some toys, even before using a discount code.

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