[Hitachi] Magic Wand Original

[Hitachi] Magic Wand Original

The Magic Wand Original was my first sex toy. It wasn’t even really mine, but was given to my girlfriend by her foster mother. Neither one of us knew how to use it and we were appalled by the size of the head.

Years later, as a sex toy reviewer, it might seem silly to think we didn’t know how to use the former Hitachi Magic Wand Original. But the way sex toys operate isn’t always obvious. My girlfriend, for example, shoved the whole damn Original Wand in her vagina. That scared me for a short while.

When I became sexually active, I started using vibrators with my partners. While the former Hitachi Magic Wand Original wasn’t my first vibrator, it is one I prized above all others. While I was ogling the Uma and the Comet II, I also secretly wanted the then-corded Magic Wand Original more than the rest. My concern was that readers wouldn’t want it: too boring. I am so happy to report that I was wrong.

Good Vibes finally gave me the Original Magic Wand. As soon as I began to use it, I was hooked. While the cord bothered me, I was smitten with the Original Wand. In fact, as of today, it is still one of my favorites.

And to make the wand even more appealing, it now has a body-safe, silicone head that isn’t porous. Unlike the first edition, the Magic Wand Original, it’s rechargeable with a silicone head allows me more freedom. While it’s still large and bulky, there are more settings on the Original Magic Wand and can more easily be used with a partner.

For starters, I love that the broad head distributes the vibrations through my vulva more evenly. While I recently tried the Zumio, which had pinpoint stimulation, the Magic Wand Original is still my preference. It’s intense but not too intense. It hits my whole vulva or just my clit if I angle it correctly.

Additionally, my partner can use the Original Magic Wand on me without hurting me.The Magic Wand Original is readily available throughout the states but there are also options throughout the world. For instance, this Magic Wand alternative in Australia. And, given my love for the Magic Wand Original, I am so happy that more people have access to it. The Magic Wand Original was a driving force in my sex life in my early years, and it still is a staple in my bedroom.

This is a sponsored post by Maxiwand. The writing and story is my own.

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