REVIEW: Adam Supersoft Dildo

REVIEW: Adam Supersoft Dildo

About my relationship with Tantus and Adam Super Soft Dildo

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tantus for about four years now. I love most everything they send me. And what I don’t love, I know will work for someone else. Their toys are made of excellent quality silicone and there’s a wide variety so it’s likely you’ll find something that will work for your body; even if what I reviewed didn’t work for me.

Sure, I liked this the Adam Super Soft Dildo

Today I’m reviewing the Adam Supersoft for you.

As the name of the toy implies, the Adam Super Soft dildo is…super soft. It resembles a flaccid penis, a tad bit too firm to be completely flaccid. Additionally, it’s rather large. The size of Adam Super Soft dildo however, worked well for my body. While toys often hurt me going in–whether that’s a vaginal issue or lube on my urethra–I prize toys that are comfortable.

A softer toy usually feels smaller than it really is, especially when compared to the Adam O2, a toy that I’ve reviewed previously. Though I only thrust deep enough to reach my A-spot a few times (my cervix hates being touched), rest assured that it was enough to feel confident that my cervix accepted this toy; though with some hesitation.

But here’s the deal with my ass

While the Adam Super Soft Dildo comfortable vaginally and anal-safe, I wasn’t able to get it in my ass. Though I’ve been reviewing since 2014, I still can’t thrust large shit in my ass (BOOM: Phrasing). I try, I really do, and I tried with the Adam Super Soft. It was my hope that it would be less intimidating to my tight, untrained asshole, and it very well could be. IF IT WOULD GO IN ME. Because of how fucking floppy it was, I was having difficulty putting enough pressure on it.

I didn’t have my hand on the base of the toy, though, because it folded like a bad origami crane. Rather, I had to hold the shaft to keep it in shape. But still, it just didn’t work. I was so excited, too, but it was just too soft. In order to get it in I would have needed a plug that opens up my ass, something I don’t have and something I’ve never even considered reviewing. As a reviewer, there’s a first time for everything (doesn’t it sound like something I need to review?).

Ooooh pretty

Because the Adam Super Soft is realistic in the sense that it has a clear head and gains, I like that it comes in “wine” and “midnight purple.” Often I’m turned off by super realistic, cacausion-ish dicks, I get super(soft) excited to find toys in fun colors.

Who would like the Adam Super Soft?

As someone with a sensitive cervix, the Adam Super Soft was a blessing. I love having my A-Spot stimulated and this toy made that journey pleasant. Other people with a sensitive cervix may find the Adam Supersoft to be more comfortable.

One of the nice things about the Adam Super Soft is it isn’t threatening. I reviewed the Adam  O2 and found that a starter dildo was required (something I have to do often for larger toys. The Adam Super Soft though could be considered a starter dildo for my body. That being said, for those of you who find starter dildos are helpful, the Uncut #1 or the Uncut #2 (review here) are fantastic, as is the Vixen Mustang and the Cadet. Too realistic for you? Give the Mini Rippler or Fun Factory Amor a try.

Is the Adam Super Soft too small or *gasp* too soft, you  can get its sister-dildo in dual density the Adam O2. And though both Adam editions are not compatible with Tantus suction cups, there are other suction cups available elsewhere that will work for this dildo and most others I’ve come across (come around? come on? come upon?).

Alternatively, those looking for more texture may consider a toy a bit more interesting like the Tantus Purr (though this may no longer be sold; go to the banner below to explore the Tantus site). Though I didn’t love said toy for my body, it could be perfect for yours.

Keep this in mind about the Adam Super Soft Dildo

What doesn’t work for me may work for you, and I don’t want to discourage you from something that could work for you. However, when it comes to vibrators or a goddamn thrusting dildo that pinches one’s vulva, it’s quite likely that the buzziness will make you as numb as it did to me.

Take a look around Tantus’ site;  I’ll get a part of the purchase, at no extra cost to you.

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR go check them out gogogo! I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 

Adam Super Soft









  • Soft enough so didn't disturb my cervix
  • Beautiful, unique color
  • Didn't feel too large


  • Couldn't get it in my ass b/c it was too squishy
  • Won't stand up on its own
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