I had thblue motionis fantasy, one that I realized could come true with the Blue Motion. I wanted to wear the vibe in public, with the “one size fits some” thong. I’d be in the theater, watching a movie (Hunger Games anyone?) while they were outside, sitting down waiting for me outside but also controlling my pleasure. I wanted to feel my hands to grip the armrests of the chair I was sitting in, beside a middle-aged couple, completely oblivious to my pleasure. I wanted to come when they turned it up, as high as it would go, my back arching and biting my tongue to stifle a groan. But, alas, my fantasy was ruined the minute I turned on that fucking vibe and it let out the buzziest, loudest, high pitched vibration that I’ve had the misfortune of hearing.

However, my crushed fantasy doesn’t make this a bad toy, it doesn’t even make me dislike it as a whole. This may be the funnest (oh yes, she did just say that) toys I’ve tried, because of all the functions and the connection the toy brings between controller and controlled. As the video on Good Vibes site shows, you don’t have to be in public to have fun. This toy can be used with or without a partner and, like other toys by OhMiBod, it can be controlled via music. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there are numerous ways to control the vibe.

One can control it via wifi connection from anywhere in the world and bluetooth connection is also possible, though the controller needs to be within 26 feet of the vibrator. The app costs around $4.99 to control it via wifi. While that’s not a whole lot of money, overall the person who purchased this toy spent $129, the least OhMiBod can do is give it to the user for free. I mean, come on, $129 is a lot to most people, add the $5 to the total and you’ve spent even more than you wanted to. The price of the app aside, there are man cool things the controller can do. There are six settings options for play and each one comes with various other settings:

Rhythm–Different pre-programmed rhythms;  Touch–control the vibrations by touching the screen; Tap– by tapping the screen; Wave– by waving your phone around; Voice and Wifi (as opposed to bluetooth). In order to play via wifi both people need to have a Google + account. I found it to be no inconvenience, I simply used my existing email address while my partner made a new one. See this vid for an example
You pair the device to both the smartphone of the controller and to the vibe for the lucky lady wearing it in her panties. It’s build narrow enough to fit into most other panties you’d prefer using over the “one size fits most.” (I’m a size 8 and they fit me fine.) As far as vibrations go: it was way too strong for me. Early on there was too much stimulation. There is a little “hill” (for lack of a better word) that’s supposed to go against your clit (I’m assuming, I didn’t see those instructions in the literature) but in order for me to not have my clit be like “Fuck you, I’m outta here” I moved the hill so that it was in the very outer part of my vag and the flat side was flush against my vulva.IMG_3175

The boring stuff:

It’s made out of body safe ABS plastic with a velvety finish. You control the intensity of the vibrations via the volume buttons on your phone. There is only one color choice for the toy: blue/pink. It charges via USB cable, you can plug it right into your computer like I did and it’ll charge fully. It measures 3 ¾” x 1 ¾ (9.5cm x 4.4cm).

This toy is ideal for the long distance couple. It’s not ideal for public wear but if you were at a club I’m sure it would go unnoticed (just hope the DJ doesn’t take a break) and it’s certainly good fun with a partner in the room as well as they’re in the board room fiddling (pun not intended) with their phone during an important meeting and she’s writhing on the bed at home, ready for you when you get back.

Thank you, Good Vibrations for sending me the Blue Motion, it was my pleasure 😉 Explore their awesome site by clicking on their name to see what other pleasurable things you can get. You can buy the Blue Motion by OhMiBod here.



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