Sex Blogger Roundup: Dec 2

Sex Blogger Roundup: Dec 2
Oh, look, I posted again!!
I love all vulvas, with or without hair. Storm delves a bit into that and shows off her beautiful vulva.
I LOVE that Storm quoted Stephen King and the title is genius. I hope that Storm resumes writing erotica and I see how much she’s grown.
Read about this silly looking toy. I always root for sex toys to be the bomb but sometimes it’s just not meant to be.
I love glass toys and I am so excited when I can find smaller things to put in my ass like the Icicles No. 67. I’ll have to try this toy.
Molly announced her top bloggers list yesterday. Go take a look and see if there’s anyone you recognize!
I cannot wait to try this toy out for myself! I love most things that Fun Factory makes and this review has me even more excited!

Wendy, from the Wench Works has a beautiful writing style and I get so excited when she publishes sex toy reviews.

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