Sex Blogger Roundup – An Exciting Monthly Roundup of Reviewers

Sex Blogger Roundup – An Exciting Monthly Roundup of Reviewers

Sex Blogger Roundup – First Roundup of 2024!

We made it through the first month of the new year! It’s the end of January, and damn, do we have good content or what? I’ve gathered the best reviews and sex-positive articles from sex bloggers I know and trust, and I’ve compiled their work here for you!

Reviews of Vibrators, Dildos, and Floggers

This month, we’ve got flogger vibrators, dildos galore, and some metaphysical sex toys! Additionally, you’ll find some words of warning and why you shouldn’t surprise your partner with a sex toy. I’ve gathered my favorite sex toy and sex blogger articles and reviews for y’all.

I know each of these bloggers and am honored to repost their work so more of you can see it. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. While you are at it, give us some toy review requests, and we will get to work on that for you. Read more and let the authors know what you think of their work! We do this for you, and from all of us, let me say it’s our pleasure to help you with your journey of sexual pleasure.

You Can Be in These Sex Blogger Roundups!

If you’d like to be included in next month’s post, submit your sex-positive article here on Google Forms. I may feature your article or review it.

Sex Bloggess – So You Want To Buy Your Partner A Sex Toy

Sex Bloggess - So you want to buy your partner a sex toy 
sex blogger roundup

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching people across the globe are asking “what’s the best sex toy I can surprise my partner with?” – I’m going against the grain here and telling you – Don’t.

On Her Back – Rave 2 Vibrator Review: Twist and Shout

on her back - Rave 2 Review sex blogger roundup

“Rave 2 is We-Vibe’s second take on this unique, twisted g-spot vibrator. As a beginner blogger I wasn’t a fan. Thing have changed since then.

On Her Back

Review: Uberrime Happy (Boner) Snowman Dildo

Super Smash Cache Uberrime Happy Boner snowman dildo

This snowman dildo loves warm (and snug) hugs and won’t melt away inside. Its misplaced “carrot” boner and buxom booty make it a functional and fun display piece — why not both?!

-Super Smash Cache

Review: Box Rocker From Top Drawer Toys

Miss Ruby Reviews - Box Rocker
“A portable, thrusting dildo that weighs only 2 lbs. Read on for my Box Rocker review!

-Miss Ruby Reviews

Review: YoYoLemon Flogger Vibrator

Queer Earthling - Yoyolemon flogger vibrator

“The YoYoLemon Flogger Vibrator is just how it sounds. It’s a flogger for impact play, and the handle consists of a vibrator. Honestly, it makes so much sense from a design perspective that I’m surprised there aren’t a thousand of these, but this is the first of its kind I’ve seen.”

-Queer Earthling

Review: Odyssey Toys Kraken Grinder

Princess Previews Kraken Grinder

“Whilst functionally grinders are very simple, they offer a true blank canvas for toy makers, allowing them to go all in on immersive fantasy designs that resonate with users on a deeper level than just pleasure. And it was exactly this that led me to fall in love with the Tentacle Grinder II, from its detailed Lovecraftian design to its tapered tip for just the slightest amount of insertion.

– Princess Previews

Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich Review

Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich Review - Some Queer

From the moment I saw Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich, I knew I had to have it. Some toys you aren’t as sure of, and some toys can even ultimately surprise you in a good or a bad way. The Diedrich delivered in just about every way I had hoped it would.

– Some Queer

Review: Crystal G Wand Rose Quartz Dildo by Le Wand

Review: Crystal G Wand Rose Quartz Dildo by Le Wand - Betty Butch

I’ve loved rocks since I was a kid (I’m autistic, big surprise.) It was inevitable that I’d get my hands on a rose quartz crystal dildo, even though I’m not drawn in by the “spiritual enlightenment” marketing.

Betty Butch

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