How to Clean Dildos

How to Clean Dildos

How to Clean Sex Toys | Reviews by Wirecutter

Even if you’re brand new to the world of sex toys, you are aware of just how important cleaning
happens to be. You need to sanitize your sex toys after each use to enjoy the safest and most satisfying
experience. A newbie, however, may wonder about proper cleaning that gets the job done without damaging expensive toys.

Do you own beautiful, high quality dildos? Are you wondering about how to get them cleaned properly?
The following guide will acquaint you with the important steps and the factors to take in consideration
when choosing the cleaning method.

The Cleaning Method Depends on the Material and How Waterproof It Is

First things first, you can’t clean all dildos the same way. The material a dildo is made of determines the best method for sanitization.

Dildos that aren’t motorized can be submerged in water and a cleaning solution. Medical-grade silicone
dildos can also be boiled – a perfect opportunity to sterilize your favorite sex toy.

If your dildo vibrates or thrusts, you’ll need to be a bit more careful with cleaning. Find out if the dildo is
waterproof. Most dildos made of medical-grade silicone have excellent water resistance. These toys can
be submerged in water and soaked (do check the manufacturer recommendations to be sure about such
cleaning procedures).

Motorized dildos that aren’t waterproof should only be spot-cleaned without being submerged. Spray
sex toy cleaners exist and they’re a good choice. You’ll need to spray your dildo and wipe it clean with a
soft cloth to get the best result.

Bonus tip for material selection: Always choose dildos made of body-safe materials like medical-grade
silicone, glass and metal. These materials don’t have micro pores that dirt and bacteria can get trapped
inside. They are easier to clean and offer perfect hygiene. If you choose a dildo that’s made from a
porous material, do use a condom with it for extra safety.*

Frequency of Sterilizing Your Dildo

Regular cleaning will disinfect your dildo and it will be good enough to use the next time you want to feel super pleasure. Occasionally, however, you may want to go for a “deep” clean and get your dildo sterilized.

Boiling is the perfect sterilization method that gets rid of all bacteria and pathogens. Silicone,
borosilicate glass and stainless steel dildos can all be boiled. This sterilization method requires only a pot
and some hot water to get the job done. Keep in mind that boiling gets rid of most bacteria but not all of

Using some bleach after boiling dildos can offer some additional protection – these two combined
methods will get rid of most bacteria, viruses and fungi. A third sterilization method would be to use
your dishwasher for the purpose. Just make sure your dishwasher has such a setting in order to get rid
of most bacteria. Otherwise, the boiling pan of water will be a better pick.

As a general recommendation, you can sterilize your dildos once per month but some people prefer to
do such cleaning more often. Don’t worry about the material – the ones mentioned above are meant to
withstand the heat and give you many years of enjoyable use.

Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting

When cleaning dildos after each use, you’ll be doing two things – surface cleaning and disinfecting.

Surface cleaning is the first step. Using water and a mild cleaner, you’ll be getting rid of stuff on top of
the dildo. That can be dirt, bodily fluids or any other residue. Disinfecting usually involves an antibacterial product that can get rid of common pathogens.

If you are the only person who is using a sex toy, some warm water and soap will be enough to maintain
good hygiene. Sex toys that are shared with partners, however, need to be properly disinfected and
sterilized more often. That’s the best way to prevent the spread of eventual STIs.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to surface clean and disinfect your toys. Please note the
recommendations apply to dildos made of non-porous materials that are also waterproof:

Use some soft cloth like a towel to remove lube and bodily fluids from your dildo immediately
after you’re done using it.

  • If a dildo is splash-proof, you can wet the surface under running water. Waterproof dildos can
  • be submerged and kept in a cleaning solution.
  • Rinse the dildo under the tap with some warm water. Be thorough and gentle, cleaning the
  • curves, textural bits and crevices.
  • You can apply liquid soap or a sex toy cleaner directly to the surface of a dildo and scrub with a
  • soft brush that’s used solely for the purpose.
  • When you’re done scrubbing, wash your dildo with clean water to remove any soap or
  • disinfectant residue.
  • Place your dildo on a soft, dry towel. Allow it to air dry completely before putting it in a pouch or
  • a storage box.

Do You Need Specialized Sex Toy Cleaners?

Some people prefer gentle antibacterial soap for their dildos while others will use specialized sex toy
cleaners. Do you really need such products? The answer depends entirely on your preferences and the
kind of dildo sex toy you own.

If you have a dildo that shouldn’t get wet, a sex toy cleaner in a spray bottle is a great choice. It will
sanitize thoroughly without causing any damage to the motor inside the dildo.

For motorized toys, choose a fragrance-free antibacterial cleaner. Spray the dildo a few times and let the
cleaning solution do its job. Next, clean with a damp cloth a few times to make sure you’ve removed all
cleaning product residue.

If you own waterproof dildos, you can opt for a specialized sex toy cleaner or some antibacterial soap
and water. Both will do an equally good job. Sex toy cleaners can have gentler formulas and they’ll
sometimes be enriched with ingredients that maintain the “health” of the material the dildo is made of.
So, if you think that regular soap is a bit too harsh for your liking, a specialized toy cleaner that you’ll
find easily in any sex shop will be a good choice.

*This is a sponsored guest post. The claim about using condoms over unsafe sex toys is not substantiated as of yet, though it’s a rumor that’s been going around the blogosphere for ages now. I’ve approved this article for my blog and can confirm the information is correct.

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