My first toy for review EVER


So, that was pretty cool. I honestly did not expect that to go so well. My vulva is not at all new to sex toys but I am new to creating a sex toy review, so it’s especially relieving that this went so well. The Galaxy G is an acrylic toy, with a dramatic curve for the g-spot. It’s dual-ended. On one side is a large, bulbous, er, bulb and the other end is significantly more pointed than round. The nice thing about having two options means that it’ll work for more people. Along the toy are two other round bits, the one closest to the bulbous end being slightly larger than the one before it, closer to the pointed end.

See, when I saw the pointed end I though, well, crap, now I have to stick that in me. It looked scary. Like, if I thrust too deep it would poke right into my cervix, resulting in a lot of pain and a pissed off vagina that wasn’t going to let me stick anything else in there for a while. Good news, though! My cervix is happy and my g-spot is in love with this toy. It didn’t result in any discomfort at all. In fact, I was more fond of the pointed end than the other.

The Galaxy g is lightweight and extremely hard. I tried bending it a few different ways to see how it would hold up. It held up. As in, I couldn’t even begin to bend it. And I’m really glad I couldn’t because I did that before I put it in me, which may not have been the best order in which to do things. It’s dimensions are 9 ½” x 1 3/8” but the curve takes away a fair bit of its length. It comes in one color, Smoke Acrylic, which actually doesn’t look half bad. Upon further examination of the picture I realized that it looks hollow but it’s not. Even though it’s solid it’s not heavy, which is wonderful for the wrists, all the more thrusting power for me!

The toy is well constructed, there’s a very, very slight hint of a seam but you wouldn’t know it if you weren’t looking for it. When it was in me I still had plenty of room to use a clitoral vibrator simultaneously. This toy doesn’t require a lot of warming up. Any, really, if you start with the slightly pointed end, but that’s just my vagina. Short, hard thrusts are what did it for me with the Galaxy G. I didn’t get any stimulation from the inner bulbs but that doesn’t matter. It still did it’s job and it’s job was to befriend my g-spot.

A small dollop of lube was all it took to make the toy fit comfortably and my body took care of the rest. This may seem obvious but it is less so when you know my body. I’m not sandpaper dry but I’m not incredibly wet like other women. So, to be able to use this toy with such little lube was quite an accomplishment.  I’m a big proponent of lube. Lube it up! You will hear me say that more often than not so this was crazy cool (unlike my Stronic Eins which sucks up lube by the liter. Seriously, where does it all go??).

I’ll admit, my vagina is a stuck-up vagina, I didn’t think a $22 acrylic toy would cut it. I am happy to report that I was wrong. Clearly, the price tag does not matter.


Get this toy. Even if it wasn’t so cheap it would be well worth it. It’s dramatic curve makes it perfect for g spot stimulation and the difference between the two heads gives it some variety.

Thanks to Good Vibes for giving me this toy for review!

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