Short Haitus – We Bought a House!

Short Haitus – We Bought a House!

All my wonderful readers deserve to know why I haven’t been posting reviews — or posting much at all. We have an exciting new chapter. My wife’s parents picked up, sold their house, and moved here to be with us when we left the state. Now, we’re buying a multi-family home and I’m insanely excited.

It’s a stressful, sometimes slow process full of contracts and rewording and appraisals that may or may not be an issue. But, we found a home that my MIL is convinced will be ours. So, I pack. And I pack and pack and PACK my fat ass off.

I’m overworked. I’ve packed almost 40 boxes all by myself and to make things harder I’m having to nag my wife for help which isn’t good for either of our mental health. I have done more alone than I’ve ever done because I’m moving two adults, 3 box turtles, a Beardie, and a kitten. I have very few spoons to also blog regularly.

I’m making this post so y’all know that I’ll be back in a month or two and ask that you stick with me. I’m still running monthly giveaways that I’m keeping an eye on so keep checking back for the next one. And, remember, you can enter TWICE daily. I thought that’d make things fun so follow my blog’s page on Facebook! 🙂

So, please stay with me during my time of little-to-no posts because I will be back!

Go fuck yourselves <3

6 thoughts on “Short Haitus – We Bought a House!

  1. Thanks for the update! Moving is never easy, but it is extra hard when you have pets. I hope the move works out in the end, and all of you are happy at the new house.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, we’re moving five pets, four of which need heat to maintain their body temps so it’s a process moving them!

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