Sinful Sunday: Body Hair and Lacey Panties

Sinful Sunday: Body Hair and Lacey Panties

Usually I get my pubic hair removed by the “sugaring” method. I found a style I like: a large triangle of pubic hair on my pubic mound but because of COVID-19 I don’t feel comfortable getting it removed in a salon.

Because I get ingrown hairs when I shave, I’ve opted to grow out my pubic hair during COVID. Here it is growing back.

7 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Body Hair and Lacey Panties

  1. I think it is very sexy. I have done something similar and seem to have settled into a place where I am happy now with how it is


  2. I love these pictures so damn much. There just aren’t enough images out there, IMHO, showing our body hair the way it really is/grows, sans waxing, shaving, trimming, etc. All states of hair and hairless-ness are beautiful. Jane xxx

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