Blogger’s Speaking Out Against Kinkly

Blogger’s Speaking Out Against Kinkly

Today, I’ve created a roundup of bloggers speaking out about Kinkly’s recent asshole move. What did they do? They decided to keep transphobic bloggers in their “Sex Blogging Superheroes” list. Then, they defended their decision to keep the blogger’s on their list. And, now we know they’re removing a blogger or two from their list without the blogger’s request.

With their latest “no-no” I want to express how disappointed I am in Kinkly. My good friend Storm got on it, and I celebrated her hard work. However, now she cannot experience that pride of being on their list. Kinkly hit a raw spot for a lot of people for a host of reasons.

Bloggers are pissed by Kinkly’s actions and by their response when the alarm was sound. Below is the beginning of Kinkly’s disappointing response. Following, are some blog posts I’ve gathered that discuss Kinkly’s transgression. I can say many things about it but what I’ll simply say is, “Not cool, bro.”

The Sex Blogging Superheroes list by Kinkly's Top 100 has the word "BOYCOTT" and "CANCELLED" crossing out the badge.
Violet of Violet Fawkes created this badge that so many reviewers are using now, instead of the badge that links back to Kinkly.

2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Speaking Out Against Kinkly

  1. Sadly, the celebrating didn’t last long since they stole all the joy from it with their initial decision to keep people on there. Even with the changes they eventually made the whole thing has been soured.

    1. Ugh, hun, so sorry. I have always wanted to be on that list and a bit of me still wants to be! We’ve all been disappointed by them. They messed up.

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