Sinful Sunday: Decorating My Breasts

14 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Decorating My Breasts

  1. I can relate to the pandemic weight. It’s been really hard to accept my body as it is right now but I’ve been trying really hard. Good luck in your journey to see the beauty in yours.

  2. If this picture is anything to go by then weight into the boobs isn’t a bad thing, and I can image it isn’t a bad thing for the ass either 😍
    What a wonderful looking pendant as well and it fits perfectly between the boobs.

    For the first time that I can remember I put on weight , particularly in 2020 stuck at home for months due to lockdown here. Went from 126 to 154 pounds which isn’t a lot but normally I stay the same weight. Since being back at work I’ve dropped back down to my original weight though.

    1. <3 you. Aren't we both so sexy?? Big tits are kinda annoying and thank you for the pendant compliment!! I made it myself :D I hope being back to your old weight is a good thing for you!

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