Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker Review

Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker Review

I’m all for weird toys; in fact, I search them out. So, when Sohimi contacted me about reviewing a tongue-licking vibrator of theirs, I knew which one I wanted to get right away. Allow me to present: The Vibration Tongue Licker, a toy reminiscent of the Sqweel, a weird-ass toy I actually loved.

The Vibration Tongue Licker is a generic toy from a white label company, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that I really liked this toy. Not only is it a cheaper Sqweel, but it’s also a g-spotter with a flexible shaft that vibrates. Now that’s fucking cool. A tongue-licking vibrator is just what I need.

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Design of the Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker

Sohimi's Vibration Tongue Licker is a toy that rivals the Lovehoney Sqweel and offers a lot of different stimulation.

The Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker is actually pretty well designed, which I didn’t expect from the price tag. The Vibration Tongue Licker is a rabbit dual-stimulator that taps my clit and massages my g-spot. Instead of the traditional rabbit ears that vibrate, people think of when you say “rabbit vibrator,” you get a tapping sensation. In other words, the vibrator can be described as a “tongue licking vibrator.”

The tongues that cycle along your clit feel absolutely fantastic. It’s designed just like the Lovehoney Sqweel, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I loved that toy, and I was thrilled to get another tongue-licking vibrator with the same construction.

This toy’s shaft has a g-spot curve and a vibrator designed to stimulate your g-spot (or p-spot; this toy is anal-safe because of the base). That curve vibrates, offering further stimulation. You cannot feel the vibrations in the rabbit tongues, however.

What I Liked

Honestly, the thing that I loved about this toy was what I loved in the more-expensive Sqweel: the tongue. That goddamn tongue is just “YAS QUEEN” (says Rose in her gay voice). While it’s not the same as the fun tongue I reviewed a bit ago, I’d say this is similar but better. Contact barely stops while the tongue cycles, and you can adjust the speed, which was truly awesome.

It’s an easy toy to operate because of the two buttons it sports. The toy shaft resembles countless other toys I’ve reviewed, like the Mona, the Pinot, or Hype, to name a few.

Then there are the vibrations of this tongue-licking vibrator. The vibrations are rather rumbly on the lowest setting and as the intensity increases…. it actually increased. The Vibration Tongue Licker has STRONG vibrations, and I was surprised. They travel to the head of the toy with ease and don’t let up. However, the vibrations are loud.

What I Didn’t Like

The Vibration Tongue Licker by Sohimi is a great toy that stimulates the clit with licks rather than vibrations alone

The Vibration Tongue Licker has a loud, mechanical noise when the wheels are turning. In fact, the noise is rather grating to the ears. For some reason, it screams in electronic and has a pulsing sound when the wheels are running.

On top of that, the vibrations are really loud. There are many bad things about sex toys, and loud vibrations often turn people off to the toy. This would be a turn-off in the Vibration Tongue Licker case to people who share a close house. I’m lucky in that my partner loves my toys and doesn’t mind when I said, “Hey, babe, give me space, I’m gonna go masturbate in the bedroom,” and then actually gives me space. Her office is a room away from mine, and she wouldn’t be able to hear the toy. However, if she were in a room next to me late at night, and I didn’t want her to know I was Jilling off, this toy would be a boner-kill.

I wouldn’t call this a negative, per se, but it was just a little awkward how the toy collapses completely on the shaft. The flexible shaft buckled under my thrusting power; however, for those of us that like softer toys, this may be the way to go. While inside the shaft is just… air (?), the toy’s softness was very appealing.

Vibration Tongue Licker in Action

The Vibration tongue licker is an awesome clit and g-spot stimulator

To start the wheel of tongues, you press and hold the power button. That’ll quickly turn on the toy and make the wheels start turning. I liked how easy it was to turn everything on and off. It was instrumental in having separate buttons because I preferred to have the toy move the tongues without vibration.

If you also want internal vibrations, hit the other button to turn that on and control speed and patterns. Usually, this annoys me to no end because I hate having to cycle through everything to get what I want, and then when I get what I want, sometimes I go too far. Of course, I need to cycle through everything again and try to remember what comes after what…

I must say, I didn’t care much for the vibrations. They certainly are not bad. In fact, the lower settings were rumbly, which is unheard of in cheaper toys that I’ve found. However, I was in it for the full feeling against my g-spot and the wheel of tongues hitting my clit over and over again, so the vibrations weren’t something I sought after.

Materials, Care, and Keeping

There are two buttons on the Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker that control the "licking" sensation and the vibrations of the g-spot head

The Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker is made of silicone for the tongue, shaft, and head, and ABS plastic elsewhere on the handle. Silicone can be damaged by silicone lubricant, so always use a water-based lube with this toy. You can tuck it away in a bag or throw it in your sex toy drawer with the rest of your toys. Silicone is a body-safe material, and the color or construction won’t degrade when touching other toys.

The silicone Vibration Tongue Licker is also waterproof, which is rad. I like taking toys into the shower or the bath so this is always a plus for me.

It also rechargeable, which is a whole button of YAY! Set the magnetic charger on the bottom of the toy and let it charge. You can plug that fucker into anything that takes a USB cable, including your laptop!

A Silly Note

I love the marketing of this toy; however, their site is very gendered. Just listen to this, though: “Suitable for all kinds of people. Perfect for lesbians, gays, and heterosexual couples.” I love that they include “all kinds of people,” but it just tickled me how they phrased that for the “lesbians [and] gays.”

Should You Get the Vibration Tongue Licker?

I honestly didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. If the sound isn’t an issue for you, the Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker is something I’d recommend. It mimics oral sex well, and that’s what I want a lot of the time. Since I cannot lick my own clit, it’s nice to have something that can do it for me when a physical partner isn’t up for it.

You can get the Vibration Tongue Licker here at Sohimi’s site.

Another angle of the Sohimi Vibration Tongue Licker

Vibration Tongue Licker





  • Clit licker w/ multiple speeds
  • Both vibrations and tongue action
  • Individual buttons for both features
  • Multiple speeds and patterns for the vibration and multiple speeds for the tongues


  • Both motors are very loud
  • Only comes in hot-hot pink

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    1. Not too bad. I put soap on the wheel and ran it under water. You have to REALLY make sure that you get every bit, though.

  1. Whenever I see an oddball toy for sale I always wonder if it’s the next great innovation in toys, or just a weird idea that doesn’t really work. Thanks for putting the weird ones to the test!

  2. I love the weirder types of toys that you review. I would never buy something like this because I would be afraid of it being sort of a gimmick and wasting my money. I stick to things I know works for me but it’s sometimes boring. Thanks for the info.

    1. That’s a legit concern for sure. I am going to post another review of an unusual toy next weekend or the following week. It was… not good but really fun.

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