Sex Toy Review: Stronic Eins

Sex Toy Review: Stronic Eins


And so begins my journey…

A few days ago I purchased the Stronic Eins. It’s a toy like none other. Instead of vibration it thrusts. There are ten different patterns to choose from ranging from slow thrusts to thrusts so fast it almost vibrates. That being said, it is still very, very different from a vibrator.

A friend asked me if I could come from vaginal penetration. While I cannot, it worked with my fingers to give me a ground-shaking orgasm. The key is to gently hold the thrusting toy so that it can do it’s job. If you squeeze or try to help it Stronic Eins will not be able to thrust as well as it clearly wants to.

Last night I used it for a third time and I was not disappointed. It took a few tries to figure out how to grip (don’t grip!) the toy but the result is well worth the practice. With my plain dildos I would thrust as hard and as fast as I could. The Stronic Eins can thrust even faster than I desire but the thrusts are not hard. It’s important to use a lot of lube with the toy. The more lube, the deeper it can thrust.  Even so, I was quite satisfied with the results. For me to like a sex toy it has to get me off, or help get me off, and it has to be somewhat unique. The Strongic Eins is a toy that I have never come across and fits my requirements.

It’s important to note that this toy is not designed for anal penetration, even though the base of the toy is a bit flared out. Remember, things can get lost in your butt.

I have no complaints other than the oomph of the thrusts. It’s slightly curved to stimulate the g-spot but it wasn’t curved enough for my body. Fortunately, that did not bother me. I was in it for the feeling of intercourse and it was nearly that. For now, the Stronic Eins is on my list of favorites and I will be using it regularly. Bottom line: this toy is well worth the $199 that it’s advertised as. It really does deliver what it promises, eve though it is not as strong as I would like. This toy is unlike any other and is a great addition to my collection.


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