Unusual Sex Toys Spotlight

Unusual Sex Toys Spotlight

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I will be reviewing toys that are rather unusual, something you may call strange or weird. Bad Dragon got me hooked on dragon dicks and I want more weirdness.

I can shove any piece of body-safe material in my vag but it’s not as interesting as dragon dicks or Jesus on the cross nor is it easy to find sex toys that so clearly break the norm. I want to bring attention to companies that may not get a lot of press or have toys that are simply epic and must be shared with my readers. For those of you that are opposed to realistic dildos, do follow this tour.If any readers or companies have an nominees please leave the information in the comments.

I look forward to peeking your interest into the World of Weird.crackers the cockatrice

5 thoughts on “Unusual Sex Toys Spotlight

  1. Primal Hardwere (were like werewolf) comes to mind. They have what are called ovipositors and a pretty rad potted cactus! And of course holepunch is a name I know you know.

  2. I’m a fan of double shafted designs like xenocat’s rapture (dying to try one), and i’m sure most people would call that “unusual”

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