Year: 2020

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Favorites, Least Favorites, and a Bundle of Sex Toys 2020

It’s nearing the end of the year so I’d like to share with you some of my favorite sex toys, least favorite sex toys, fave reviews, and blog posts of 2020. Favorite Product of 2020 I have a few favorites and some of them are shocking. I love the Melt and the Womanizer Premium. In […]

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Review: Lush Juna 5 Piece Vibrator Set

First Thoughts My first thought when I saw this silly-looking toy was that the damn brush head couldn’t possibly feel good. The Lush Juna Vibrator set worried me a bit. My concern was that it wouldn’t be a toy I liked because my body just isn’t feeling stimulation like that. Another thing that stood out […]

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Review: Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

A little bit about Lovehoney Lovehoney is one of my favorite affiliates. I’ve reviewed loads of toys for them. I like two main things about them: they ship internationally and they have a 1-year product guarantee. That means if the product stops working or something is wrong with it, they’ll replace it for you. The […]

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Silver Delights, Limited Edition Womanizer Premium and We-Vibe Tango Collection

I don’t always follow everything happening in the sex toy world, which may sound a bit silly given it’s my whole job to do this. But, I don’t for some reason so when I was poked about this limited edition, all-black collection of two of my FAVORITE toys I couldn’t handle my excitement. The Silver […]

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Review: Stronic Surf

A little bit about Fun Factory and it’s Stronic Line If you want to know something about my vagina it’s that it loves the Stronic line by Fun Factory. They’ve only gone wrong once and while that was a shame, it didn’t turn me off to the line. How could it? The Stronic line thrusts […]

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Review: Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)

The Lovehoney Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator cannot give us all the nice things but… Nothing brings me as much joy as writing a good review of a sex toy for a company that I love. But what brings me pain is having to write a review that is negative. But, that’s the life I live as […]

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Review: Real Supple Poseable 8.25 Inch Silicone Dildo

As a beginner reviewer, I was thrown off by lighter-colored dildos. I wanted them to either be a fun color or something I was more accustomed to. That’s why I chose the Real Supple Poseable 8.25 Inch Silicone Dildo – Chocolate. I’m not a huge fan of balls. I only like them because my partner […]

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