Silver Delights: Womanizer and Tango X, a Fan Favorite

Silver Delights: Womanizer and Tango X, a Fan Favorite

I don’t always follow everything happening in the sex toy world, which may sound a bit silly, given it’s my whole job to do this. But, I don’t for some reason, so when I was poked about this limited edition, all-black collection of two of my FAVORITE toys, I couldn’t handle my excitement. The Silver Delights Collection is among the most exciting collections I’ve encountered.

The womanizer premium and tango in the silver delights set comes in a brilliant black

I love black toys; it’s my ultimate favorite color for a toy. The Tango is my favorite bullet, while the Womanizer Premium is my favorite suction/airplay toy (the We-Vibe Melt is also AMAZING).

When I got the Ditto in the mail, I wasn’t expecting to have this limited edition kit, and holy shit; I lost it. I was practically drooling over the box, and when I saw the toy, I was starstruck. To have more of my favorites in my favorite color is fantastic.

I reviewed the Tango early on in my sex toy reviewing career, and you can read that review here. If you don’t like navigating that page, let me tell you about the Tango and Womanizer Premium.

The Tango

The Tango is a standard bullet-sized and shaped vibrator. While it may not seem like much, it is the best bullet I’ve ever used.

I like that the Tango fits in almost every toy with space for a bullet vibrator. While I love Tantus toys, I wouldn’t say I like their bullets, so I always put the Tango in the dildo when I feel like having a bit of vibration fun.

And the vibrations – holy shit. The vibrations are strong, powerful, and rumbly. Rumbly vibrations are what I want in all my toys, and while others have those deep vibrations, We-Vibe has that vibration in all their toys.

The Tango has an edge perfect for pinpoint stimulation, while the flat part is good to press against your clit if you’re more sensitive. The Tango is also perfect for sticking in toys that have bullet holes.

The Womanizer Premium

My life was changed when I got the Womanizer Premium. And I mean literally. I squirted all over the bed. We had to change the sheets, put on the Liberator Throw, and sleep on a wet bed. I wasn’t expecting that.

The Womanizer Premium has a cool feature where the toy only runs while pressed against your body. The air pulses stop when it’s no longer in contact with your body. It also comes with an extra head, which means there’s more possibility this toy will work for your anatomy. Not all clits/nipples are the same, and some require a more giant head than others. Womanizer has you covered.

I am hooked onto suction/air pulse toys. They trump all other vibrators for me, and if I could only have one sex toy, it’d be the Womanizer Premium.

This set is so worth it.

You can get this collector’s edition, the Womanizer Premium limited edition, and Tango in brilliant black. Do yourself a favor and gift this to yourself or your loved one. Even though both toys are used externally, lube can provide a whole new sensation. Consider trying one of these water-based lubricants.

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8 thoughts on “Silver Delights: Womanizer and Tango X, a Fan Favorite

  1. Considering how popular the We-Vibe Tango is, I always wondered why they only offered it in two colors. These gift sets show they are capable of making it in a variety of colors. I really don’t understand companies decisions sometimes, having more color options would obviously allow their product to appeal to more people.

    1. That’s SO true. Pink is gonna alienate a lot of people from a toy. It’s ridiculous to carry a toy *only* in pink. Glad there are so many options for the TAngo now!

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