Favorites, Least Favorites, and a Bundle of Sex Toys 2020

Favorites, Least Favorites, and a Bundle of Sex Toys 2020

It’s nearing the end of the year so I’d like to share with you some of my favorite sex toys, least favorite sex toys, fave reviews, and blog posts of 2020.

Favorite Product of 2020

I have a few favorites and some of them are shocking. I love the Melt and the Womanizer Premium. In fact, I gave away the Womanizer Premium and the Nova, my favorite stimulating toy.

Womanizer Premium

I thought the Melt was great and then I tried the Womanizer Premium. The Womanizer Premium didn’t diminish the Melt at all but it certainly added an awesome extra function – it stops pulsing when the toy was no longer against my body. Read my review of the Womanizer Premium here.

While I haven’t reviewed the Nova 2 yet, I have used it and the first Nova. It is by far my favorite dual-stimulating toy. You can read my review of the first Nova here and you can get the Nova 2 here.

I loved the Lovehoney Desire Weighted Dildo so much. While it isn’t the best toy to use with a partner – I got hurt – it is a great solo toy to use when you listen to your body. Read my review here.

I also loved the Pillow Talk Sassy g-spot vibrator. I was powerful and the vibrations were rumbly. That’s what I want in a vibrator. You can read my review here.


Favorite Toys/Sex Accessories of 2020

The Butter’s Aloe x Shea Butter Oil-Based Lube


I had never tried an oil-based lube before The Butter’s contacted me and offered to let me try it in exchange for a review. Gosh, am I glad I did. I’ve used this toy till the large tub was empty. You can read my review of the Shea x Aloe here, my review of the Cocoa Butter lube here, and the Palm Grease for D*ck Stroking, Fist F*cking, and Other High Viscosity Needs here.

Least Favorite Product of 2020


Favorite Non-Review Post


Most Fun Post to Post


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