Review: Nova 2

Review: Nova 2

My history with the Nova 2 and rabbit vibrators

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In 2016, We-Vibe surprised me with both the Nova and the Rave to review. While the Rave was…. Meh, but the Nova was Oh fuck yes. The Nova, first-generation, was quite literally a game-changer. 

The Nova wasn’t my first experience with a rabbit vibrator. In fact, it was in the start of my career as a toy toy reviewer that I was given my first rabbit for review. From there, it spiraled and I now have a large collection of rabbits.

I don’t say lightly that the Nova was a game-changer, and the Nova 2 is even more so. In fact, it’s the best rabbit vibrator I’ve come across and that’s because of how many people can use this sex toy. The Nova 2 is an updated, poseable vibrator version of the first.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer

The Nova 2’s vibrations, like the first Nova’s, are deep and rumbly. With the Nova 2, you have a large variety of intensities. On top of that, there’s a motor in both the rabbit “ears” and the shaft of the toy. Poseable dildos are becoming more popular LIMBA BETTYS POSEABLE but they all aren’t the same. However, the Nova 2 bends and holds its shape and my vagina couldn’t move it. (And let me tell you, I have a strong vagina.)

And those damn bunny ears… 

Another reason why I just love the Nova 2 – and the first Nova – is because of the bunny ears. The ears have their own motor and they’re designed in a way that hits my clit at all times. It has done so with some other people who have used mine. And that’s a big deal, y’all. One of the problems with rabbit vibrators is that the ears don’t match up with each vulva but holy shit, the Nova 2 has a great track record for delivering pleasure. 


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Having two motors is great. Although I don’t especially like internal vibrations, that’s an option for those of you that do. For me, it was all about the ears.

Not only is the shaft flexible (and holds shape) but the rabbit ears are flexible. They can stretch from the body of the toy several inches. On top of that, you can position the ears to the right or to the left, up or down to accommodate your body. In fact, the ears make this toy anal safe so if you’re into that, give it a try! I cannot comment beyond that. 

The shaft is stiff – really, really stiff so it takes some pressure to repose this sex toy. It can curl in on itself and almost flatten-out for those of you not into hardcore g-spot stimulation. I love that you can make the ears come closer to your clit when you curve the shaft more. That way those of us that don’t want deep stimulation can adjust the toy to reflect what our body is into. 


The Nova is one of the best rabbit vibrators I’ve used. Not only because of its unique structure but also because of the dual-motors. If you want internal – and external – stimulation then this is the way to go. I love that the rabbit ears are able to keep constant contact. 

You can get the Nova 2 from the following affiliates. Please clear your cookies when you click on the link. I’ll get a small part of the purchase at no extra cost to you.

Betty’s Toy Box | Nova 2 – $149

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We-Vibe Nova 2


Dual motors




Ease of use



  • Motors in ears and shaft
  • Shaft is adjustable and holds its shape
  • Silicone toy that is waterproof
  • Rechargeable (with a magnet!)

7 thoughts on “Review: Nova 2

  1. The fact that it is poseable sounds great! Rabbit vibrators can be frustrating when they don’t line up with your body. The Nova 2 sounds like something I want!

  2. I have already bought myself one and am very pleased. It really makes it easy to change the angle. A very nice toy.

  3. It’s really impressive how We-Vibe has managed to fix the major problems people have with rabbit vibrators. I wish they had more than one color option, though I do like this berry shade better than the original’s hot pink color.

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