Review: Uncorked Merlot and Uncorked Pinot

Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Pinot

Review: Uncorked Merlot and Uncorked Pinot

Thank you, Betty’s Toy Box!

Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Uncorked Pinot are pictured, side-by-side
Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Pinot

I was so excited when Betty’s Toy Box offered me some toys to review. After looking at the options, I settled on the Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot vibrator and the Cal Exotics Uncorked Pinot vibrator.

What drew me to these toys was their shape. I love everything and anything g-spot. I found out, with my aroused vagina, that the Merlot isn’t quite up to that task, but the Pinot excelled with that feature.

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Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot: Pros/Cons

Review of Uncorked Merlot vibrator

I had a lot of fun with the Uncorked Merlot vibrator when I first took it out. The tip of the toy isn’t quite soft like this toy, but it is certainly not a hard tip like the Pinot. I realized quickly that if I were to release it head-down on the desk, it’d bounce right up. There are more than a few ways to use sex toys and sometimes joy can be found as if I were a child. I’m not saying this for certain, but it’s likely I just finished bouncing it off the table a few moments ago. 

I loved the vibrations of the Uncorked Merlot vibrator. The vibrations of these two toys are the same but I found that the Merlot worked better as an external toy, while the Pinot I preferred to use internally. Internally, the Merlot was just too tiny to bring me any pleasure. The buttons align seamlessly with the shaft of the toy so much so that my damn vagina sucked it up. Do you know the subreddit “hungrybutts”? This was a case of hungry vagina. 

Cal Exotics Uncorked Pinot: Pros/Cons

Cal Exotics Uncorked Pinot is a g-spot vibrator sex toy. It sits on white satin.

The Uncorked Pinot is my favorite of the two vibrators Betty’s Toy Box gave me. I love internal stimulation though I cannot orgasm from it. Usually, I turn off the vibrations so that I can focus on thrusting and experience the toy that way. The Uncorked Pinot vibrator, however, I kept on with pleasure. 

I could feel the vibrations of the Uncorked Pinot throughout my vagina. Unlike some toys with vibrations, the deeper it went the more I could feel it. In my experience with toys that vibrate, the vibrations are often lost, especially with longer toys.

Yasss g-spot stim

Anything g-spot stimulation is something that I often like the Comet or the Pure Wand and that is primarily what drove me to this toy. It was thrilling to find that I could feel the vibrations press against my g-spot when I used the toy internally. Additionally, the Uncorked Pinot has light ribbing. While I couldn’t feel the ribbing the whole time, the entrance to my vagina was stimulated by it. The ribbing radiates from the front to the back of about ⅓ of the toy so I could feel the ribbing all around. 

Overall, the Uncorked Pinot Vibrator is a keeper

Overall, this was my favorite toy of the two. I appreciate being filled up. I liked the ribbing, the vibrations, and I liked using it internally primarily. That’s always so exciting because, with other g-spotters that vibrate, I’ve come to appreciate them as external toys. 

While the Uncorked Pinot isn’t a soft, bendable toy, the neck is flexible. I’m not sure if that was intended to add something to the toy, but it didn’t impact how I used it, one way or the other. The Uncorked Pinot is a light, soft pink that’s more reminiscent of purple than the hot pink direction Cal Exotics took with the Merlot. While pink is a painfully common color, this light shade of pink was beautiful and elegant. It’s one of my more favorite shades of pink that a toy has come in. 

The ROMP Hype and the Pinot are scary similar and the Hype is significantly less expensive. While I haven’t published my review of the ROMP Hype yet, I do recommend the Pinot if that’s something you can manage. The Pinot is also similar to the Mona and the Uma, both quality toys that I loved early on. I found that the Pinot was more stimulating than the Uma, even. 

Operating the Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Pinot

When I first started reviewing, Fun Factory was the only manufacturer that I was aware of that had a safety-lock.  The Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Pinot both have a little dance you have to do to start the toy. At first, my partner and I couldn’t figure out how to make the damn things work but my wife figured it out quickly enough. 

In order to turn on the Merlot or the Pinot, you must press and hold the power button for three seconds until all three buttons light up, then you press the power button again to start the vibrations. 

Operating the Cal Exotics Uncorked Merlot and Uncorked Pinot is incredibly easy. There are (+) and (-) buttons to control the speeds of the ten-speed settings offered in these vibrators. There’s a pause function of sorts – just press the power button when it’s running to quickly halt the vibrations. Then, in order to turn off the toy, press, and hold the power button. 

Details, Care, Keeping, and Materials

This is always an easy section to write and given that both of these toys are from the same manufacturer and constructed out of the same material, it makes this post easy to compress.

Cal Exotics markets their silicone toy as “rich and luxurious” which checks out. There are some good toys like this that have tacky silicone and bad toys that are silky smooth. The silicone of the Uncorked Merlot and Pinot vibrator, however, feels silky. My fingers can easily run along the length of the toy, unhindered by the silicone that sometimes catches.

Silicone is a body-safe toy and the base of the Uncorked Merlot and Uncorked Pinot have a small, ABS plastic base that is also body-safe. Silicone does not need to sanitized and can simply be washed with soap and water. The smooth surface ensures that bodily fluid will not hide in any nooks and crannies.

They’re waterproof!

Both of these vibrators are completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging the toy when you rinse it off. In fact, if you’re going to get a toy wet, the Merlot vibrator and the Pinot vibrator are the ones to take in the bath!

For a while there, my sex toy review sessions took place in the bath. I needed the privacy of our large bathroom in our tiny apartment, and the feeling of the water on my skin was calming. Now, I can take off my pants and go at it anywhere but having the option to have the toy in the bath is great.

Rechargeable toys aren’t just good for the environment, they’re also good for your wallet – over time. They last longer and you don’t have to keep buying batteries to run your sex toy. Instead, you plug in the charger of these two toys through a break in the silicone that self-seals after the port has been ejected.

The charging cable for these vibrators is a USB port that you can plug into anything that’ll take a USB attachment such as your laptop. It’s this convenience that makes charging these toys effortlessly.


The Uncorked Merlot and Pinot are great toys. The vibrations aren’t too buzzy. In fact, on lower levels, they’re downright rumbly. As with many toys, the stronger the vibrations get, the buzzier the vibrations become. However, I was still able to reach orgasm with the Pinot inside of me and the Merlot stimulating my clitoris. Grab some water-based lube to use with these toys and have at it!

Buy the Cal Exotics Uncorked Pinot $71.99 and Uncorked Merlot $58.99 at Betty’s Toy Box and use the coupon code “ONHERBACK” for a 10% off discount.


I loved the vibrations of both of these toys. They were nice and rumbly on the lower settings and pushed me to orgasm at the higher levels. The Pinot was one of the rare toys that I kept the internal vibrations going. I found that the Merlot suited me best for external stim. The Pinot was perfect for g-spot stimulation

Uncorked Merlot and Pinot









  • Both are silicone
  • Both Merlot and Pinot are waterproof
  • Merlot and Pinot are both rechargeable
  • Controlled by 3 easy buttons
  • Travel lock

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  1. I think you are the only person who has reviewed these toys. Even though they are fairly new I think they kind of got lost in the shuffle. Finding good but overlooked toys to review would be a good angle for you to pursue. I’m sure there are many toys that just never get reviewed because they are not high profile enough or the manufacturer isn’t promoting them very much.

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