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The Comet was provided to me by Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest review. Honestly? At first this toy scared me. But keep reading, it gets better, I promise. The first time I took the Comet for a test-drive it got stuck behind my pubic bone. No joke, it got stuck. Luckily it was easily resolved, there was no pain, I just couldn’t get the little fucker out. I learned my lesson, though. Some positions are not meant for a serious g-spotter like this beauty. The key was to either elevate my hips or make sure I was flat and level. It didn’t happen again. Here’s the part you need to read: This toy is amazing!

Not only is it a looker (also comes in purple) it also feels good. I mean,  I can’t stop rubbing the Comet on my cheek–so smooth! The handle is made of ABS plastic while the part of the toy that matters is coated in silicone. Smooth, smooth silicone. Unlike the Cadet there was no drag. Of course, even if there was, a good slathering of lube could fix that.

The curve is uber-dramatic (much more than the Uma, for example) which explains why I had that trouble, and the head of the toy is much larger than the body of the toy. The Comet has a strong handle that makes it easy to maneuver and one, large button on the side with the “Key” symbol. The Comet comes with only one speed which didn’t bother me because I’m more of a “patterns” girl and this toy have seven of them. It’s rechargeable through a handy magnetic USB charger near the handle of the toy. Unfortunately, the magnetic connectioIMG_2356n was very picky about IMG_2361how I set the toy down and frequently fell off if there was too much movement near where it was charging, which happened to be by my computer.

It came packaged in a box with a large picture of itself on it. The outer case slid off to reveal another box that had an instruction manual, a black bag to store it in, and the Comet itself. Have I mentioned how good looking this toy is? Overall, this toy is a keeper. I highly recommend it for those who are or who, unlike me, know how to position their body properly during a jack off session with a g-spotter. I changed my mind about the experience level of the user (hence the strikeout). Because of the curve and the large head this may actually be a good toy for a beginner because it’s bound to help you find your g-spot. If you want something less intense try the Uma by Je Joue or the Bullseye by Pleasure works (which also has a large head and a curved body).



Intense toy but don’t let that word frighten you. It is well worth the plunge you’re about to take when you buy this toy (because you will, of course). If I could guarantee something, and I can’t (I can’t even promise that the moon won’t suddenly fall onto the Earth) it’s that this toy will find your g-spot.

You can get the Comet at Good Vibrations. Good Vibes, it was my pleasure.










5 thoughts on “REVIEW: COMET II

  1. Ah, the Comet Wand and its explorations of spaces just-behind-the-pubic-bones. Isn’t that legendary yet? 🙂 I’ve been unable to get ahold of it for a couple of years now at a reasonable price in Europe, but I do long for it (although I would have picked the ‘first’ Comet Wand – which is a dildo with a translucent glass handle, rather than the one reviewed here, which is Come Wand II – a vibrator with an opaque plastic handle; I wish this had been noted in the review). It’s curious that you’ve found this toy to be smooth, as what I’ve read so far kept indicating this would be a very draggy affair.

    1. I just added the “II” bit to the review. When I said “smooth” I meant that like a bunch of manufacturers say “velvety smooth silicone.” There was drag when used with lube inside le vag but after being washed and dried it was quite velvety smooth. Did that make better sense? o.O

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