14974893970_1eaae90977_zI think I had more fun with this toy bouncing it on my desk rather than actually using it as it was intended. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy using it anally. It was a perfectly adequate anal toy. At 4.25″ long this toy is no monster but it is sizable for a beginners asshole like mine. At the largest point the toy is 1.25″. Like I said, not a monster but it does have some size to it. Mine is teal but it also comes in pink and purple. I do commend Cal Exotics for giving a non-pink-or-purple option (don’t get me wrong–I love pink!).

On to the fun stuff. I was able to insert the toy slathered with lube (Don’t use an oil or silicone based lube with this toy; because it’s made of pliable silicone the lube can damage the toy) and as it went in I felt my asshole dilate as I took in the first bump and moved on to the second, a mildly pleasant experience. The length wasn’t incredibly comfortable, it was a bit long for my ass. It was comfortable sitting there, once I took in the full length,  and as I got busy with other parts of my body the real fun came when I started to thrust. The Flex it Up felt wonderful. The two large bumps provided an erotic experience as I slid it out.

The silicone can be squeezed and, to my utter delight, it can be bounced on a hard surface. (For your viewing pleasure I’ve created a Vine of it doing its dance.)

I got the most pleasure using it like giant anal beads. It was just too long to use comfortably it like a butt plug and I wouldn’t want to anyone. That would be a waste of those wonderful bumps. Fortunately, it did stay in without my hands. The metal loop at the end kept it from getting lost deep inside me and provided a nice light (but noticeable) weight when I stood up.

The anal probe comes in hard plastic wrapping with no way to store it. Fortunately  lint does not appear to stick to it so it doesn’t require a bag or a box. I think someone with more experience at anal play would enjoy this toy more than I did. In the meantime, I’ll just be here bouncing my anal probe on my desk.


Pliable silicone anal probe that was a bit too long for a beginners ass like myself.

I got this toy free in exchange for an honest review. I do not tell the toy companies what the want to hear, I tell you, the reader, about my experience and hope it benefits you. You can get this toy from Cal Exotics. It was my pleasure.



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