Note: Since publication, the Magic Wand now has a rechargeable option that you can find here and read my review while you’re at it.

My first experience with the Magic Wand formerly known as the Hitachi was about a year ago. I’d never owned it or used it, I had only seen it in pictures or heard about it from older women. Then a male (short-lived) fuck-buddy took it out of his nightstand and pressed it against my vulva, jeans included. It wasn’t until Good Vibrations sent me my own that I really fell in love. I took a page from my year-old book and tried it first over pants. Holy fuck. How can anything be that powerful and still feel good?

Maybe it is the giant head, big enough to cover any sensitive part of your body. Maybe it’s the fact that the vibrations traveled from my cunt to my asshole, spreading waves of pleasure all over my nether regions.

This thing is loud as fuck, louder than I was so it’s just not practical to use it in a house where half of the inhabitants live in the living room, right by your door. But every chance I get I grab the Magic Wand and rub against it. The crazy thing is that it takes under two minutes to make me come so there is always enough time. It’s not a romantic self-fuck. What the Magic Wand delivers pure lust-driven fuck.

It has two speeds I (high) and II (insanely high) no set patterns but it really doesn’t need anything extra. It’s not an attractive toy, it’s not quiet, it’s discreet only to people who have never heard of it (very few people, I would imagine) but it is fast and efficient. It does its job well. Hell, even though it requires an outlet I wouldn’t put that under “cons.” This toy is just too damn good.

It’s still marketed as a “personal massager” even though Hitachi removed their name because it was widely known as a vibrator for women’s sexual pleasure (and is sold in countless sex toy shops–Good Vibrations, for example). There is a diagram of a female body and it points to all the places the Magic Wand could be used (“vulva” is not one of them, “loins” is). The makers emphasize that the toy should not be used for more than 25 minutes at a time because it can overheat and cause burning or catch fire. Using it for only 25 minutes was (see above) not an issue. I wouldn’t want to use that jackhammer for longer than that, I’d be so overstimulated I wouldn’t be able to touch myself for a week. hitachi

As much as I like sex toys, there was never a vibrator before the Magic Wand that was as good as my fingers. I won’t say that it’s better than my fingers, because each tool provides a different sensation, but I will say on days I need to get off quickly, or days I’m feeling lazy, even days that I just want to, I will be turning to the Magic Wand.

If you want patterns I’d check out the Uma, if you want a strong vibration that isn’t quite so intense I’d try the Comet, if you want power and that warm feeling to rush all over your body, I’d recommend the Magic Wand.


Get it. Good Vibes offers the Magic Wand along with some other fun attachments. Thank you, Good Vibrations, it was my pleasure.


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