Review of Erotica: Slave Girls

Review of Erotica: Slave Girls

slave girls eroticaI’m into kinky sex in the sense that I enjoy reading about it. That’s really the extent of my experience with bondage, Dominance, submission, and sado-masochism. This book, Slave Girls, not only peaked my interest in the topic but I’m now convinced this could be something I would enjoy doing. The pleasure the submissive women got from pain and humiliation was so great that after reading this book I’m not sure I’d be as interested in reading about vanilla sex.

I was having a discussion with a friends about 50 Shades. I was trying to explain everything that was wrong with the kink life they were living (terrible writing style aside). I think the easiest solution to this is to hand him this book and say, “This is safe, consensual kinky sex that you can enjoy with a willing partner. Do it like this. Fuck ’50 Shades.'”

There were some stories like “Muse” by Lisabet Sarai that made me wonder how safe this practice was for the participants. An erotic author goes home with a Dominant male whom she has never met, without regard for her life. It could have ended very, very badly. But, it’s erotica, made to cater to the fantasy of the kinky and with that in mind I could accept that this was an acceptable story to have in a kinky book. Living out a dangerous fantasy is one thing, indulging in the pages of someone else’s is significantly safer and you still get the sexual outlet that the story provides.

This is so, so much better than 50 Shades of Grey (but isn’t pretty much any other book ever written, Twilight aside?) For starters, the writing is superb. Each author delivered their unique style of writing, leaving not a bit of doubt that this is an anthology about different BDSM practitioners.

While most of the D/s relationships were male/female, a few were female/ female much to my delight like “The Red Envelope” by Erzabet Bishop. Even so, I still found the male/female pairings erotic. How could I not with dripping pussy and spankings on every other page?

Each story had the traditional D/s relationship but most were unique in the way the women were submissive. Some women were “slaves” and got off from humiliating circumstances while other women were masochists, getting pleasure from the pain that was inflicted on them and the sense of acceptance they got when they were able to withstand their Master’s punishments.

Would I recommend this erotica? Absolutely. Trust me, once you read it, vanilla sex just isn’t going to be the same.

A big thank-you to Cleis Press for giving me this book to review.

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