Rating: 4/5

Overall quality: Wonderful

Sound: That’s a stupid thing to ask. It’s a non-vibrating dildo. GOSH.

Aesthetics: Looks freakishly like a real, uncircumcised penis.

Delivers what’s promised: Sure it does. It’s important to note that because it’s squishy it’s not going to feel as large as the more solid silicone dildos.


Vixskin Mustang feels like the real deal. At 6 1/2″ long and 1 5/8″ of girth it’s not large but it’s still filling. If you want something as realistic as you can get without chopping off a real dick, this is the toy you’ll want.

* * *

I’ve had the Mustang in my possession for about a month now and I have been putting off writing a review. Not because I’m lazy (I so am) but because I wanted to LOVE this toy (that’s right, I said love in all caps). While I don’t love it like some other sex bloggers, this toy is still pretty awesome.

Perhaps I would have forgiven the lack-of-girth-feeling if it was, say, tie-dye or lime green. I have the Mustang in Carmel color, much too realistic for my taste. However, this is perfect for lovers of realism. The Mustang has foreskin (which is awesome) and veins protruding around it’s core as well as a penile raphe, which completes the look. Seriously, if it didn’t look so pretty and living I’d be worried Burlesque Toys commandeered someone’s real penis.

I’ve never felt a toy like the Mustang. Vixen Creations invented VixSkin, which feels like as close to a livIMG_2518ing, pulsing cock as you can get. It’s much more fun to flex around the Mustang, to feel it give slightly but keep firm enough to stimulate me. It has a dramatic curve that should be good for g spotting but it did not provide the stimulation I needed to call it a g-spotter. Perhaps it’s because it was too flexible and my picky g-spot needs firm pressure, as does the g-spot of many women. The lack of g-spotting success aside, as a fill-me-up dildo, the Mustang does a fairly adequate job.

Although I’m not officially a size queen, I didn’t feel like the Mustang was quite girthy enough compared to, say, the Cadet. The Cadet actually has the same stats that the Mustang does but because it’s a firmer silicone it feels significantly girthier. Because the outer bit is squishy The Mustang sports a solid inner core and a softer, silicone outer core. This toy is waterproof. It has a flared base which means it is anal safe (woo hoo!) and can be used in conjunction with a harness. It is 6 1/2″ and has 1 5/8″ of girth, making it not quite enough for a size queen but plenty for a woman (or man) who wants to feel filled but not stretched.

The packaging was a circular tube with a removable top. What appears to be the front has Vixskin’s logo and the back it says, “Treat like your own skin, handle with care.” I wasn’t sure what they meant by that but after a hard fucking I found that the Mustang was still in one piece. The packaging declares the materials to be “platinum silicone” and assures the reader that it is a non-porous toy. There are a few ways to clean it: boiling it for three minutes (don’t let it touch the sides of the pan!) or wash it with soap and water.

I was given the Mustang by Burlesque Toys in exchange for an honest review. Burlesque Toys, it was my pleasure.

EDIT: The former Burlesque Toys gave me the Mustang to review but now they’re gone : ( You can get the Mustang from Lovehoney.

19 thoughts on “REVIEW: MUSTANG

  1. Bit of a shame it didn’t meet your expectations — but hey, we’re all different and will like different things 🙂

    1. Exactly, keep that in mind with all my posts! As of late I’ve been adding a section (the name changes) in my review where I tell my readers who I think this toy would pleasure. I’ll be going back over *all* my posts to spruce them up and fucking look up how to spell words and I’ll work my way up to the Mustang pretty quickly.

      Now, there are a few toys that I’m pretty sure no one would like and I encourage you to stay away from it (*cough* Rockbox *cough*) because it sucks so fucking much and it a wast of your monies–or, it’s like this one and it’s poorly made. But that’s why I’m here, to help you find a toy that you’ll find pleasurable and worth your money. Let me know what you think if you try any of the toys on my blog! 😀

  2. This is one of the reviews that convinced me I needed to get one for myself at some point! Knowing what people Don’t like in a toy is very helpful.

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