lelo mona, mona, vibratorAllow me to begin with the Mona by Lelo…

You’ve probably heard my fellow bloggers sing praise to the Lelo Mona; this reviewer is no exception. I was surprised, actually, by how much this toy kicked ass. I expected something good, considering how much I’ve heard about this toy, but I wasn’t expecting it to be fucking good. I went into this experience with a semi-closed mind. I didn’t want to be yet another reviewer that fucking loves the Mona. Oops, now I’m one of them.

Oh, hai, more, please

  • Oh, the rumbles! So sweet and non-buzzy; though the lowest setting feels stronger than the Tango’s lowest setting
  • I was able to slide the Mona in and out with ease
  • I could quickly thrust in and out without it getting stuck behind my pubic bone, something some other bloggers (particularly those who have given birth) have a problem with
  • I was able to use the whole head to rest on my vulva. It was quite comfortable (though not in the sense that the IROHA was)
  • To feel filled I did something I’ve never done before: I pulled it out just enough so that the girthiest part of the toy was in the entrance of my vag. Even so, I felt plenty filled up which I thought was rather large but that’s been a consistent feeling over my use of the Mona.
  • Hit g-spot EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • Wasn’t able to apply enough pressure to my clit for it to be mind-blowing the last few times I used it

I learned this about my body…

  • Messing with the Mona with the entrance of my vag made me realize that perhaps what makes me feel “full” is when the larger part of a toy is in my vaginal canal entrance, not necessarily when the toy as a whole is fucking huge


  • All of this sounds great, however, when I squeezed–which I very much like to do–the vibrations carried through the body of my vagina but it didn’t reach clit or urethra, which are the two (or so) most erogenous zones of my body
  • The lowest setting was perfect: went higher for the sake of the review but it got too intense too be pleasurable. Not in the sense of the Hitachi where the power is spread throughout vulva and hit clit enough to come, rather, the lowest setting had to be pressed against clit directly to get that vibe that would make me come
  • Even at a faster speed the Mona still felt rumbly, unlike toys like the Amorino; quite like toys like the Tango
  • Thrusting stimulated g-spot, not as intensely as the Pure Wand but plenty pleasurable.
    • Thrusting was a very different feeling than Pure Wand, totes different, can’t even compare the two so I’ll just stop already

The boring stuff

  • Rechargeable
  • 6 settings
  • 100{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775} waterproof–woot! Take it in the shower or the bath, yo
  • Comes in Red, Charise, or Purple so those of you that despise pink or purple, or just have too fucking many toys of those colors, red is an option!
  • And, most importantly, it’s silicone which means it’s body safe material and you can shove it up your vag or press it up against your clit without fear of harming your body


Who would like this?

Peeps who enjoy intense g-spot stimulation but toys like the Pure Wand are a tad (or really really really) too intense of a curve. Those who like rumbly vibrations would do well with this toy and my lovely readers who like girth can give this toy a try–leave the widest part at your vag canal and tell me how it feels!

How does this work?

Vibes, bro. Vibes and g-spot stimulation. For some the vibrations may travel to the g-spot. In a sense it did that for me, too, but it wasn’t enough to get me off. For those lovely ladies/peeps with a vagina who find vibrations against their g-spot to be incredibly good-feely, then the Mona is def a toy you should check out. Trust me. Lovehoney has an amazing return policy so, if you’re unsure then buying from them is a good idea. Otherwise, you can visit my affiliate peeps and choose from one of them.

Mona 2Would I use this again?

Fuck yeah I would. I’ve had this toy for MONTHS now and I’m still using it. I haven’t settled into a groove of how I use it yet; there’s so many ways for it to be used that I can’t settle on one or the other. That’s def not a bad thing.

Don’t think this toy is the right one for you?

That’s okay, bro. There is something out there for you. If you’re turned off by the vibrations of this toy but still want intense g-spot stimulation, try out the Pure Wand. Tired hands or sore wrists that can’t keep up with your body? The Stronic Zwei offers the same stimulation but it thrusts for you. On that note, I don’t have the Mona Wave  so I can’t promise you that it will do the trick but at the very least it’ll do some of the work for you, moving like the glorious “come hither” movement I can’t get enough of. I think Lelo is going to have to send me the Mona Wave next so I can stand by what I want to say.

That being said, if you’re looking for a rumbly vibe, the Tango does the trick for me and if you want a super-fucking-powerful toy that surpasses the realm of comfort for my body, give the (Hitachi) Magic Wand Recharchable a try!

Lelo also makes an anal-safe version of the Mona, the Loki (I wonder if they intentionally named it after the pesky god of mischief).

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog! Go go go check them out. I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 







G-spot stimulation



  • There's A color that isn't pink or purple. See: red
  • G-spot stimulation to the max
  • Not a dramatic curve that could get stuck behind a pubic bone


  • None. Dude, seriously, none.

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