Finding the Time to Blog about Masturbation

Finding the Time to Blog about Masturbation

Let’s masturbate!


Excuse Me While I Go Write About  Masturbation

Dudes and Duttets, both and other, nothing, or something in between who follow my masturbation adventures:

I haven’t been updating my lovely blog about my jacking off adventures, nor have I written sex toy reviews as of late. You probably noticed that and it’s fucking bugging me. I want to give you content and I have plenty to give you I just can’t bring myself to write about the experiences I’m having with the toys given to me in the spirit of masturbation.

Those of you who follow me have seen the different formats I’ve been trying for my blog. Now that I have a new job and a crazy-hectic life, I don’t have time to write or review much. So I’m going to find a way to make all this work. My new format is going to be mini/quickie-reviews that will cover everything you need to know but will go a lot quicker so we can keep getting you quality sex toys. The next post is going to be rather long, once I finally post it, but it’s going to be good, I promise.

I have over 24 toys to masturbate with and then the subsequent posts to write. I’m going to try to throw them out there because I don’t want you to have to wait to find the best sex toy for yourself. Most of them are luxury toys because I want to make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned monies on a shitty luxury toy but I’m also going to branch out a bit and review some much more affordable toys so we can all have a good fucking. I’ve found that the luxury toys are usually better constructed and of better material but something doesn’t have to be metal or wood or something of the sort to be good. It just needs to fit your body and get you the fuck off because you deserve it. Sexuality is the right of everyone and I hope to help you with yours.

In the meantime, check out my affiliates who help make it possible for me to blog about my masturbation adventures. I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them so go browse. You may find something you like. As always, check out my earlier reviews; though the formatting differs, it’ll still give you the information you need to make the best decision you can for yourself.

See you soon and happy fucking!

Masturbation! Woot!

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