A Whole New Week for My Vagina

A Whole New Week for My Vagina

Iiiiiiiit’s Monday! You know what that mean? A whole week ahead for me and my vagina. Along with all the other toys I have mounting up on my to be reviewed (TBR) pile I now have the Tracey Cox Rabbohb-Tracey Cox Rabbitit (thank you to Lovehoney for being awesome) and the Lovehoney Satisfy Me Curve Silicone Dildo. I bought the latter, and I am quite excited about it because it is the latest sex toy purchases I’ve made in a while. It gives me something fun to fuck, without having to make notes as I’m doing it, which will be a treat, I promise you that (although I don’t doubt that I will be writing a review of it, anyway, notes included).

Those two toys aside, I’m under a (smallish) mountain of sex toys to review. I’ve been putting it off since my last bout of anorgasmia and my non-existent libido. I realized lately that if I don’t keep blogging I (duh) won’t have content and I won’t be able to give you regular writing. So, I’m going to suck it up and get out of my little pity-party that I have stopping me from jacking off and I’m going to stick things in me. As I found out a few months ago I discovered that I could experience pleasure without coming and I truly should have hopped on that dick before a month+ had passed (like I have literally hopped on many, many dicks during the course of my reviewing careers).

On a totes random note, I want to spread the love about how wonderful erotica is for me, someone who doesn’t get off by watching porn. Give me a sex book and my legs will be spread before you know it, tonight will be no exception. I have several erotica anthologies from Cleis Press that I need to put on my blog for you, too.

I absolutely love the suggestions I’ve been getting from all of my readers about what toys you’d like to see reviewed on my blog so, please, keep them coming. It makes me very happy knowing that fucking myself can not only entertain you but, more importantly, help you on your sexual journey through life. I’ve added two big pages to my site’s menu: my mission statement and a sales and affiliates page, to give you the best places to shop and their current deals.

And, omg, you probably heard about this but I’m hosting a fucking massive giveaway, something so many of you have participated in. I want everyone of you to have the best possible opportunity to win so I ask that you only enter with one Twitter account, as yourself only, for every day and toy that you enter.

I love love love all the comments you’re leaving for me and the suggestions that you have for me. Now that I know my body better, I know what kind of toys I want to review to give the best review. However, that’s just me and I’m only one part of the reviewing process. The biggest part is you all, the peeps who read my blog and use my experiences to help give you the tools that you need to pick the toy for you. Tell me as many times as you’d like what toys you want me to request for review and I’ll do my best to get those for me to review, and you to learn about.

A quick note; something that I’ve only talked about once or twice: If you see a toy that you think you want to try, I’d love for you to get it through one of my affiliates. When you purchase from them, through the links I provide, I get a small portion of the sale at no extra cost to you. When companies see that I have peeps reading and liking the reviews I write for them (getting a toy from them does not mean that I’ll write a positive review), that makes them want to keep sending me toys to review.

Happy reading and fucking, all of you. I look forward to hearing what you’d like me to review next.


17 thoughts on “A Whole New Week for My Vagina

  1. It must take a lot of effort to review on a regular basis items that require a mindset or mood to use. Thanks for sticking with it!

  2. The Pure Wand would be good. I know everyone raves, but it just seems so…solid, so I’ve been reluctant to make the commitment. Another opinion would help!

  3. I’m so jealous of your pile of to-test toys. You’ve no idea. I just moved back to my own dorm for the year and I need play time! haha

    1. It is >.< I just have to take notes as I masturbate so there's that little con, but, still. Let me know if there's anything you want to see me review!

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