On Her Back’s Celebration: Or, Free Shit, Woo Hoo!

On Her Back’s Celebration: Or, Free Shit, Woo Hoo!

Pretty please read everything here o.O

Hello my lovely fuck bunnies, as of this month I’ve been reviewing sex toys and sex+ books for 1.5 years. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but it has and I want to do something special for you, like you’ve done for me when you read mah writing.  To celebrate I collaborated with We-VibeTantus, Good Vibrations, Lovehoney, Blush Novelties, and Bad Dragon.

It’s been an absolute pleasure–literally–reviewing for you all. I’ve learned so much about my body and along the way I hope you did too. I’ve fucked myself plenty of times in the past 1.5 years and I want you to be able to go fuck yourself, too! I couldn’t do this without you, my readers, and I appreciate every single one of you reading my blargh. I have a blast writing (English major here) and exploring my sexuality.

I’ve tried to include toys that everyone of all genders and sexes can play with.

A ” *” marks a toy that I haven’t yet reviewed. You following my blog is going to make my day a whole lot brighter. When you follow me, you’ll see my reviews of the thingies that I’ve *’d along with, you know, a fucking million other reviews and rants.

The Uncut is in the mail, the Rimmer is in my “To Be Reviewed” drawer, Form 5 will be in the mail as soon as I find someone to send it to me, the We Vibe Pleasure kit is on my nightstand and the Bad Dragon Nox is also there, all toys will be reviewed some day soon(ish)!

When I ask you to leave a comment, it doesn’t need to  be on this page. It can be anywhere on my blog ^_^

**I’ve added another Bad Dragon prize!**

Here’s what the prizes will be:

Tantus Uncut #1 or #2

Lovehoney’s Oh! Rabbit Vibe

Good Vibrations, the Form 5

We-Vibes Tango and Pleasure Mates

Blush Novelties’ Rimmer kit

Bad Dragon Toy of Your Choice

Bad Dragon Tennie Weenies

It’s been brought to my attention that it’s tempting to make a second account and Tweet several times. Please don’t. You can enter everyday (for your true account) so you’ll have plenty of chances to win the toy of your choosing. Do(n’t) do it for me, k?

If you’re not a winner at the end of this thingymabober, do consider getting the toy of your choice from my affiliates. I’ll get a portion of the sale (at no extra cost to you) and, more importantly, I’ll get more toys to review for you.

*Tantus–Uncut #1 or #2


This was a huge-fucking deal, you guys. Like, major big deal. If you haven’t heard of it, get on this shit, because I’ve heard nothing but praise for these toys. Tantus is giving away either size of their new “Uncut” line, a series of uncircumcised dildos, something that many people find appealing. If you’re not one of those peeps then it’s still a fucking awesome toy because, hold on to your hats, it’s dual density! I’ve only ever reviewed two dual density toys and I’m absolutely dying to try this one out. Looks like one of you may get to try it before I do. Go ahead and pick your color, I’m partial to “Cocoa.” This is open world-wide. Click hur to enter if the widget thingy below isn’t working.  Tantus Uncut  

Lovehoney- Oh! RabbitOHB-Oh! Rabbit

This was the first of their products that I reviewed for Lovehoney and it’s something that can be used by people of all genders and sexes. We all know the big deal about rabbit vibes is that they stimulate both the vagina and the clit but those with le penis need not be turned away from this giveaway! Rabbits can be fun for guys, gals, neither, both or everyone in between. While the rabbit ears tease the clit while the g-spotter head is hitting le g-spot, it can easily be flipped around, used as a p-spotter while the rabbit ears stimulate the perineum. Here are the shipping options for this toy. Gleam thingy not working? Click here to enter.

Lovehoney- Oh! Rabbit

*Good Vibes- Form 5   OHB-Form 5   This is one of the weirdest looking toy I’ve seen (the other being Princessa and the Sqweel Go). You’re going to have to tell me how it feels once you win 🙂 On Good Vibration’s site you’ll see an example of how men can receive pleasure from this vibrator, too. Go check it out! Oh, and it’s rechargable–woot! Good Vibes will ship to the US and Canada. On that happy note: if the thingy down below isn’t loading, you can enter by clicking here Good Vibrations–Form 5      

*We Vibe–Tango Pleasure Mates 


As in, the whole freakin’ kit: The Tango, Glow, and Dusk. I cannot stress to you (in this post) how amazing the Tango is (<–I stressed it in that link). I chose the whole kit because you all deserve the Tango and the Dusk is asshole friends for the peeps that only have a dick to stick these toys in. Peeps w/o a vag, pass on the love with the Glow. We-Vibe also sent me both of the the pleasure Mate’s and I can assure: this is a prize you’re going to want to win. Enter below or–if it’s not working–right here.

We Vibe–Tango Pleasure Mate

  *Blush Novelties–The Rimmer Kit   OHB-Blush Novelties   You get all three with each toy slowly building in size. I have the smallest Rimmer and I have yet to review it however, I can tell you in full confidence, that I wouldn’t give you a toy I didn’t want to put inside of me. Blush can ship toUS, CA, UK and Australia. If you can’t see the thingymabober, or it’s not working, you can enter here.  The Rimmer Kit by Blush Novelties   

And, finally,

Bad Dragon–Anything!

You ready to jizz your pants? The winner gets to make their own Bad Dragon toy. I’ve been told there are no restrictions which means you get to pick the firmness, the color, the style, the size and everything in between. You get a cumtube or no cumtube; suction cup or none; firm, medium or soft. Seriously, it’s yours bro. All yours. Click here if the thingy ain’t workin’.

A note from Bad Dragon about the availability of this toy: 

There are only a few places we can’t ship: Some countries’ customs will not accept our goods at all, or will take the opportunity to abuse or otherwise mistreat the package. We do not ship to the following countries for one or more of these reasons: 

North Korea
South Korea

Bad Dragon Toy of Your Choice

Tiny dildos, ’nuff said.OHB-BD teensy TinyBad Dragon Teenie Weenies

As I said above, enter as many times as you’d like. The contest will run for about a month, to give you more time to enter and gradually increase your chances at being the lucky duck for each. 

And for those of you that aren’t one of the lucky readers who wins these prizes, you can still get yourself one. If you click on the links above I get a little portion of the sale via my affiliate linky-things (it costs you nothing extra) , and that lets me get more toys to review for yew. Another woot!

499 thoughts on “On Her Back’s Celebration: Or, Free Shit, Woo Hoo!

  1. I want this really, really bad! Any of these would be amazing…

    The Bad Dragon… I’ve been eyeballing them for what feels like forever now, but they are a little out of my current price range. With so many options, it seems great to let your creativity go wild… Especially when I’m such a sucker for color, it would be amazing to have basically any color!

    The We-Vibe Pleasure Mate seems really fun and interesting, and I’d definitely love to be able to share some of that excitement with my BF.

    Also, love Tantus. One of my favorite brands!

    Jimmy Jane was my first brand of toy I bought, and I’ve always been interested in the Form 5. Would like this!

    And and Rimmer Kit would hopefully give me motivation to try anal. Have been meaning to now for a while, but am currently a little scared. Having a cute pink toy set would hopefully help ease these fears. 🙂

    1. Pink just makes everything better 😉 (it’s my fave color). I’m going to Tweet out a pic of my Nox right now! Make sure you see it ^_^ You’re going to fucking love it.

  2. I love Bad Dragon toys! I have three of them already and they always feel amazing. I’m definitely in the category of people who would buy one even if I don’t win. Because everyone can always use more sex toys. Especially nicely squishy 3d printed fantasy toys. Excitement!

    1. Yay! Let’s get you a free one already 😉 Do you like a suction cup? Cum Tube? How would you design yours?

      Explore my site and put “bad dragon” in the search bar to see my reviews. (I can’t link you without an obnoxious URL in the comment.)

  3. Wow! What an amazing selection of prizes! I’ve never heard of the Tantus Uncut before, but I’m really curious! I’ve never seen a luxury dildo or anything quite like that before. I’d love to try it! Of course, the We Vibes have my eye too!

    1. Knock on wood, there’s always the chance that you could win more than one 😉 Go look at my review of the Tango (search: tango), it’s going to get you even more excited ^_^ And follow my blog, if you so please, so you can check back on my future reviews of everything with a * 😀

  4. ohhh Pick me ! Pick Me! I want to win a BD dildo!!! mainly because I spend way too much on BD dildos and have no pennies to get the ones I want awesome giveaway by the way !!

    1. Whelp, then, keep entering and follow me because there will be many, many more giveaways in the future of my blargh. My favorite was for a free toy and a guest review on my blog. Is that something you’d be interested in?

      1. >many more giveaways

        I’m looking forward to them! How much time until the next one, do you think?

        1. I try to do them every month. I’m thinking I’ll do a guest reviewer giveaway next. You’ll get a toy and then you’ll write a review of it as a guest on my blargh 😉

    1. Oh man, you totes missed my giveaway of the restraints kit from Lovehoney! Subscribe or follow me on Twitter or whatever is easiest (or not :P). I try to do giveaways every month ’cause they’re super-fucking fun. I was going to say, “you don’t even realize” but you actually do 😉

  5. Congrats and nice job on wrangling up such a big and awesome list of prizes!! Would be equally happy winning any of them :p

    1. But of course! Anything for you guys (well, not everything…). Subscribe to my blargh or Twitter or something. I try to do a giveaway like every month or so (that’s the goal) because I get so fucking excited opening the mail and finding a toy in the box and I want you to experience that too, man!

      Also, I’ve reviewed/used some of them and everything but the Form 5 is in my possession so you need to keep checking back. I try to keep up with sales for these sites (going to work on a page in the dropdown menu for sales right now) so if you don’t win you can get yo sexy ass one of these toys!

    1. Oooooo lucky, I haven’t tried any of their dual destiny toys yet. The Uncut is in the mail so I’m going to put that as the priority so I can get that review up for you guys! Do any of the others interest you?

  6. I’ve been lusting after the Pleasure Mates kit, but my arts degree means I’m just too broke right now! So, I’d be thrilled to win it…

  7. The Form 5 looked so cool when I saw it on the Pleasure Chest’s blog last month, and I’m very curious about it!

  8. Everybody raves about Bad Dragon, so it would be fab not just to be able to try it, but to make one to my specs!

    1. It’s quite popular, isn’t it? Go search “Bad Dragon” in my search bar to read my reviews of the toy I’ve gotten. I have the Nox here on my nightstand, begging to be reviewed already!

  9. Thank you for having this giveaway! We really want to win because we’re just getting into playing with toys and getting a premium one would be great!

    1. The Tango is da bomb. Fave along with the [Hitachi] Magic Wand (go search up there ^ for my reviews on both! Mebbe you’ll just have to get the Tango if you don’t win 😉

    1. Let’s be honest, a free one of any would be fucking awesome 😉

      BD has super awesome shit, how would you customize yours? (Search: Bad Dragon in the search bar to see my reviews of their toys! The Nox is on my nightstand ready to be reviewed 😀 )

  10. I have been dying to get my hands on a BD toy for so long, but they have always been out my price range. Fingers crossed! Thanks for doing this <3~

    1. Of course, Kat! I mean it when I say I’m doing this for my readers. Consider following me, I try to do monthly giveaways (just graduated so I was focusing on school these past few months). One of my giveaways (search: guest post) was a guest reviewer. As in, they got a free toy and got to review it on my blog. Seems like something you’d like, am I right?

    1. I’m glad you like my site! Beck did a shitton of it (beckandherkinks.com). I’d totes recommend hiring her to do your site 😀

      I’ve done many giveaways, stay tuned for more. One of them was an opportunity to be a guest reviewer on my blargh with a free toy (duh). Hoping to do that more often 🙂

  11. Happy semianniversary! What an amazing giveaway – and here’s to awesome fucking puns!

    So much to lust after here that I’m putting it all in one comment for today:

    I’m so glad Tantus did the Uncut – uncircumcised cocks deserve love too!

    As for Bad Dragon – oh, so many possibilities! Spritz the Sea Dragon, Kippy the Caline, Elden the Faerie Dragon… Definitely a gradient colour scheme, though. Weren’t they doing glow in the dark toys, too?

    I’ve wanted the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate set since I first hear about it, , and the Form 5 is fascinating.

    The hardest part of this (phrasing!) is trying to decide which I most hope to win!

    1. Whelp, Shimmer, don’t focus on which one you want, focus on winning them ALL! I’m so happy you like this giveaway 🙂 I’ll be doing more in the future so follow me (or don’t :P) so you can be there for all of them.

      I gave away 50 Shades of Grey once with Lovehoney and Good Vibes sent the winner a toy for them to review on my blargh. Planning on doing the latter again, so fun!

      1. Ah, so this is the Pokémon of giveaways – GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! I can live with that. 😉

        BTW, your second “Post a Tweet” thing for the Form 5 comes up with “So, giveaways are flippin’ awesome, especially this one from @On_her_back and @Tantus” and then Twitter complains that’s already posted (from the Tantus Uncut widget, I assume). Thought you should know.

  12. I want the Bad Dragon toy so bay, I’ve been visiting their site constantly but when I look at their price my wallet literally jumps out of my hand and starts to run away screaming “bloody murder.” I don’t understand why. I just want to take out its insides and donate it to a greater cause, my personal pleasure. Is that such a bad thing.

    1. I’m about to throw a shitton of info (but good info!) your way; you ready? Ahem:

      Dude, go get her a bunny! Enter as many times as you can ^_^ If you don’t win don’t be discouraged! I’ve reviewed several, I liked the ones I got from Lovehoney the best, and I’m in the process of making a “sales” page but I’ll link it below. One of the current sales at Lovehoney is for the Happy Rabbit –the same make as the Greedy Girl, my fave rabbit.

      Wait and see if you win then go get her one of these 😀

      Oh, shoot, the sale on le Lovehoney Rabbits is only on through the 31st of August 🙁 I suppose–if you have le monies–you could go get her one of these ^ now and then enter for another something fun 😀

      I probs shouldn’t say the following sentence but Lovehoney lets you return a product, no questions asked, for up to 365 days after the date of purchase. Get her going with this one or the one I’m giving away for now and, if you win, you can return it and keep your prize 😛

      Hope this helps. Enter your butt off and good luck!

      1. Hey Rose, You can actually get Lovehoney’s products a little cheaper at their European site. Also, since all orders over 40 euros get free shipping it usually saves you a decent amount of money. The other week when they were selling the mystery bundles I bought mine from the UK site and saved about $40 off the US price of $100. Even the rabbit vibe seen here is just a tad cheaper ( http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22189 ).

          1. Yeah, I live in the US too and I still find the European site cheaper. And from my limited order experience, the European site ships faster XD.

          2. I checked with Lovehoney and there is a way for me to include a Euro link. Will work on that tomorrow (work all day today).

  13. To save space, I’ll put ’em all in one slot today:

    I’ve only seen dildos with foreskin as novelties, so one made out of silicone by a reputable company sounds great!

    The only Jimmyjane toy I’ve ever had was a tiny bullet, so I’d love to try one of the fancy ones!

    I love the We-Vibe Thrill (and I know many people didn’t), so it would be great to try the Tango in the kit, which it seems like everyone adores!

    1. Trix, go ahead and comment on any post in my blog if you’re getting bored by just commenting on this one. I want to hear what you all have to say about the toys I review (and about my review). ^_^

      And I very much appreciate you comment when the prize thingy asks you to 😀

  14. Oh my gosh, winning a Bad Dragon toy would be the best! I’ve been going on the site obsessively this summer looking at all their designs, but I’ve just started my sex toy collection so I was going to wait so I could get more ‘basic’ things first ;;

    The Tango is next on my sex toy wish list as well. I was just going to get the vibrator but getting the kit would be awesome!

    1. Pff, forget a “basic” toy, man. You can always design this prize to make it suit your body as is or make it something to look forward to when you’re a bit more used to whatever it is that you need. Just note that the sizes are fucking massive, even the small ones.

      If you don’t win this, though, consider getting their sample firmness thingie’s to make sure you’re getting the right thingy. (Helpful sentence, right?). I’m considering adding them to this giveaway and peeps can use them as coasters!

      Or, mebbe, get both! The Tango is fucking awesome. You *def* want to get that–regardless of whether or not you’re the winner. It’s my go-to vibe. Pretty much the only one (+the Magic Wand) that I use over and over again. As for the whole kit–that’d be a major-fucking-win, dude. I was lucky enough that they sent me a Pleasure Mates kit and it’s not bad *hint hint probs a positive review*.

      Everything I added on here are things that I liked. 😀

      1. I’m looking forward to it being massive! …maybe moderately massive. I’m finding that I might be a potential size queen and I was looking at maybe getting a Vixskin Randy (S.O.S) before a BD toy but they’re just sooooo pretttyyyy it’s so hard to resist ;;

        I’m definitely getting the Tango! I don’t have a decent vibrator because I’m a bit obsessed with insertables haha.

        (Also are we supposed to comment every day to add the +5 daily option? Because I feel like I’d run out of things to say about these particular toys then I’d just end up spamming you lol)

  15. You can comment as many times as you like. It’s exciting to see that people comment on my blargh because they’re excited 😛

  16. I have always wanted something from Bad Dragon and my girlfriend would Love the plugs. This is such a cool giveaway you are doing. Pick me and make my dreams come true!

    1. We shall see who Gleam picks 😉 In the meantime, much luck to you, and keep entering have her enter, too, to increase le chances of you both making your fucking dreams come true 😉

  17. Man, I’d love to win ANY of these.

    Especially the BD toy – With school starting, I don’t have money for toys anymore XD

    The WeVibe toys look great too, I’ve actually never had a vibrating toy.

    And the Rimmer kit would be super awesome!

    1. You’re so right, they’re all fucking awesome. I suggest everyone with all sorts of genitals enter for everything 🙂 I picked the ones I did to include everyone ^_^ Go look at BD and tell me what you’d get!

  18. OMG Bad Dragon giveaway! I’m soooo in for that one! (Do I need to explain? FANTASY DICKS PEOPLE. AWESOME SILICONE. SUCTION CUP OPTION. ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW AND BEYOND. Can you tell I dig them?)

    Also, Tantus Uncut would be at the very least an interesting one to try (obviously with high hopes for more than ‘interesting’ ;)).

    I have a question, though, about the Tumblr option — I’ve happily followed you there, but do we keep writing the name of the toy in the box every day? Because that seems rather not the point… Thanks! And thank you for organizing such an awesome giveaway, of course 🙂

    1. De nada, I’m happy to do this for you. I get free toys and I fucking love it and I want to give you the pleasure (no pun intended) of getting free toys, too!

      As for Tumblr–leave me comments about anything 🙂 Just keep doing it so you get le entries regularly.

  19. (Feel free to delete this comment instead of allowing it to be posted! :)) I’ve only noticed now, but it seems to me the Gleam widget doesn’t load the tweet with the hashtag button, and so I can’t do that… Would it be possible for you to maybe provide individual links to widgets, so that they can be opened one at a time? It’s my guess that the problem might be with my connection speed. I hope that wouldn’t be too much of trouble. Thanks in advance!

    1. Bro, it’s no problem at all! I appreciate your feedback and I def want you to get as many entries as you can. In a second I’ll go figure out how to do that 😉 In the meantime, keep entering!

  20. The Form 5 last entry option has your Tumblr link, but mentions leaving a comment on your blog… Do we comment on Tumblr, or do we comment here?

  21. I love how the Rimmer Kit is pink. It’s so much cuter that way. 🙂 Anal and pink toys, what could be better?

  22. How big of a difference can a good bullet vibe make? I’ve heard a lot of bloggers talk about rumble versus buzz.

    1. Hmmmm…I don’t know how to answer that. It depends on your body. I find that I love rumbly, buzzy makes it feel like one big vibration to me, a vibration that is constant. I like to feel each vibration. Not like it stopping per se, like the sqweel (which I actually loved) , but like… gawd. I don’t know how to explain it. Ask me more questions and eventually I’ll get you a good answer! 🙂

    1. All fixed! There are restrictions in place as to where BD can ship but they explain why, which is quite thoughtful of them!

    1. No problem! I want to give my readers the excitement of getting a free toy in the mail like I do! This is all for you, so enter as many times as you can and follow me, or simply check back every so often, so you can see my review of the Uncut, the Rimmer, and the Pleasure Mates kit (see the super-fucking long message above you for hints of what I think so far with two of those that I haven’t reviewed yet)

      Good luck and keep entering so that you have more opportunities to win 🙂

    1. Right? I’m super excited about all of these! I have the Uncut coming soon and I’ll review it ASAP so I can link to that post for you all 🙂 I haven’t tried the Form 5 but it looks so silly and men can enjoy it so I was happy to have it as a giveaway gift.

      I’ve heard a lot of praise for the Uncut, it’s so cool that it has foreskin still intact (but circumcised men are beautiful too). It’s on it’s way to my mailbox so keep checking back for a review. When the review is up I’ll try to remember to comment here with the link to it so you can see what I think about it in case you don’t win and still want the Uncut (or any toy I haven’t reviewed, for that matter). 🙂

      I’ve tried the Oh! Rabbit and the Greedy Girl Rabbit. The latter isn’t a gift but it’s something I absolutely loved so if you don’t win this one I’d suggest that you get one of the two ^_^ The latter is more expensive but it’s fucking good… On the plus side, Lovehoney is having a sale through 8/31 on Rabbits.

      I told someone else this but if you see a Lovehoney toy you like, or a toy that’s sold on Lovehoney’s site, they have a 365 day return policy so you can always get a toy you see here on my giveaway and get it now to ensure that you at least get it for cheap, you know? The downside is that it expires right before the giveaway ends so you won’t know if you’ve one by the time the sale ends o.O

      I’ve got me a few Bad Dragon toys and the Nox is on my nightstand ready to be reviewed, so get your fine ass back here every so often so you can catch that review!

      As for the Pleasure Mates kit, that’s too cool! I’ve only used the kit once (I use them many times before I review) but I can tell you that it’s not bad 😉 After a few more test runs I’ll be able to tell you for sure if it is truly as good as other reviewers say it is.

      As for the Rimmer, I have the smallest one and it’s just perfect for my ass. I’ll bet I can do the medium with no warm up but the nice thing about the kit is that you can work your way up to the largest! (I’ll ask for the kit sometime so I can review it).

      Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you! I’d suggest you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter for these reviews in case I forget to go back to this comment (and, you know, you’d fucking make my day).

  23. I want to find out if a foreskinned dildo feels that different, so hey–Uncut!

    The Form 5 looks pretty versatile, so it would be fun to experiment with!

    Bad Dragon toys look very cool but a little intimidating, so I’d appreciate having them guide me through choosing one!

    Epiphora was raving about the Dusk, so I’d love to try it in the Pleasure Mates set!

    1. Dude, I can suggest some thingies to help you find the right Bad Dragon toy if you’d like. I made the mistake of ordering one that was way too big. Fortunately, I got it rather squishy so it wasn’t terrible. And Steven is great, he’s the dude that works with the reviewers. I can get someones email address for you (with their permission) to have them help you. I don’t make affiliate monies with them so you can be confident knowing that I’m not trying to sell you something you probs won’t like ^_^ (I mean, I never try to help you get something for the sake of affiliate monies.)

      However, keep in mind that you may have a man help you and they don’t know vagina’s like women do 😉 So, yep, I’d totes love to help you, bro. That’s why I’m here and you’d make my day ^_^ Email me at onherbackreviews (at) gmail (dot) com or just leave comments. If you leave comments you may be able to help other peeps, too. But it may take quite some talking to find one you like so email is find, too 😀

    1. It’s so fucking fun getting them, isn’t it? I just made a note on the post about which ones I’ve reviewed and which ones are coming up (haven’t gotten the Form 5 for review yet o.O I’ll ask someone to send it to me ^_^).

      I’ll post sales so you can buy affordable toys for sure. Gonna make a “sales” page in the menu and keep updating it. Considering putting a slideshow at the bottom of my posts that circulates the deals so it’s easy to see them ^_^

      Which one(s) are you most excited about?

      1. Great idea- sales are definitely something I keep an eye out for and help is always appreciated! Probably most excited about the rimmer kit!

        1. That’s wonderful! I need to get my ass in gear (see what I did there?) and post my review of the smallest Rimmer. Good luck!

  24. For the bad dragon toy, I can’t subscribe by email on mobile… It says “to the right”, but there’s nothing to the right of the gleam widget…

    1. Like it’s too realistic? No need to feel jelly, a dildo is much different than a dick. A dick has a person attached to it, which is quite fun!

    1. haha, trust me, it’s not 😛 Go look at my reviews of the rabbits so far (search bar: Rabbits) and you’ll see that they feel quite good ^_^

    1. Whoa, there buddy. Stop what you’re doing and go get yourself a vibrator. If you read some of my reviews on vibes it’ll help you find one you like (I hope). I just posted a new page on my menu that gives you a look at the sales going on with my affiliates 🙂

  25. My partner and I always enjoy your blog, and look forward to seeing what toys we can bring into our bedroom.

    1. I’m so glad 🙂

      I don’t have a partner right now so I’m unable to review toys that require another person but I’m working on that so as soon as I meet someone as adventurous as myself I’ll hop on those partner toys 😉 Stay tuned!

  26. You know, I actually would so prefer the BD toy out of the two I am working for. I’ve been looking at those forever, but college has left me short of funds to spend on things like this. Here’s to hoping.

    1. I totally get that, I just graduated and college is a money-sucker. I encourage you to follow my blog b/c I will be trying to host regular giveaway. Best of luck to you!

  27. Still super excited for this! I’ve been thinking of color combinations all day in case I win the BD toy 😀

  28. After the updates, the gleam widget is being so wonky for me… When I try to click the rss first entry, nothing pops up in the little window, so I can’t continue or complete the entry….

      1. It appears to me that only the widgets with which I entered before have issues now (ie. no subscribe button appears in the widget at all, so “Continue” button that counts up the entries remains inactive). Does that help any with troubleshooting?

        1. This is what I’m trying to describe in my novella below. Would’ve helped if I’d reloaded for new comments, I guess. 😛

    1. The same thing has been happening to me on a few of the options. :c

      I can’t enter more than 2 of the first 3 required entries, because I can’t subscribe to the rss.

  29. The “Subscribe to my RSS Feed or follow by email” entry for the We Vibe–Tango Pleasure Mate doesn’t work. I subscribe by email but cannot submit the entry in the form.

  30. I’ve wanted a bad dragon toy for a long time now, really hope I have the odds in my favor to win one..

  31. Oh my god, this is an amazing giveaway. And I see you added teeny weinies! It made me giggle more than it should have. Congrats on all the blogging success and thanks so much for all the chances to win.

    I’m crossing my fingers for that Bad Dragon toy 😉

  32. Really cool giveaway! This kind of blog is relevant to my interests, but I only heard about it through this giveaway. Nice publicity!

  33. You should definitely check into Tails and Portholes on Etsy. I got one of their new toys today, and it’s dual density, silicone, and customizable! It’s Bad Dragon-esque, but from an indy company, which is always cool!

  34. Of course Bad Dragon would be part of this giveaway, they are such a positive and friendly company. 🙂

  35. Amazing giveaway. I had an issue with a couple of entries as I subscribed to your feed, but it didn’t prompt me with the entry for some reason. Great blog by the way.

  36. Still fervently hoping to win almost every prize here. Fuck ALL THE THINGS, woohoo!

    So, I’m seeing the same issue as others with the “Subscribe to my RSS Feed or follow by email” entry. I tested it in another browser and on a different machine, because I’m just that keen to log my entries for the day, and hoped it’d help.

    AFAICT, it’s only affecting the Tantus Uncut and We-Vibe widgets; all the others I entered have my entry logged, and the Lovehoney Rabbit one is working.

    Normally there’s the big blue “Subscribe to feed” button – and clicking on that activates the “Continue” button that gets you those entries. The issue is that when you click on that entry in the Tantus & We-Vibe widgets, that Subscribe button never shows, so the Continue button can’t be activated.

    And that means you can’t complete the requisite top three entries to unlock the rest. Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    If no-one else is seeing trouble with the other widgets, maybe the quick fix is to just copy the background stuff from one of the working ones to the two that are having trouble? I don’t know how Gleam widgets work from the back end, so I don’t know if that’s useful. I hope it’s not too much of a headache for you. :-/

      1. It is, thank you! Happy to have more chances to win the phallic fabulousness. 😉

        And the non-phallic fabulousness, too, for that matter.

  37. I already half-decided the BD toy will be the largest they offer to be mounted on a trophy plaque.

    Is that a waste? Only time will tell…

      1. Because of my experience with the legacy Gryphon, mostly. >.>

        Though at that size, it probably won’t make much a difference to bulk up each inch past the first 12, huh?

  38. I like the idea of suction cups but what would you mount it on? The wall seems like it would be too dirty and the flood would make the position awkward. Are there any better ways to use a suction cup?

    1. I’ve heard of using lube to attach a suction cup to a vibrator that has a flat head (apparently one of the Wahl coils has/had one that’s great for that), and then you get a dildo with major vibrating power. Haven’t tried it myself…

    2. Try it on a clean, flat surface or the shower. It could be used on the floor or on a dresser, if it’s smooth. You can also wash a bit of the wall with rubbing alcohol, wait for it to dry, and then suction the shit out of it. Let me know if that helps when you get that toy 😉

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, I can’t believe I forgot about the shower/tub XD. While we’re on the topic there’s the Love Arc (http://www.lovearc.com/) and Lovehoney’s suction cup wand attachment (http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32637), but neither are exactly cheap and I don’t have a wand. If I win that Bad dragon toy I’ll add in a suction cup and if not I’ll just have to buy one myself. Also, Rose, do you have a referral link for Bad Dragon – for the rare chance I don’t win? 😛

        1. And, wow, that’s fucking awesome, Love Arc. Thanks for telling me about that. 🙂 I have a suction cup for some of my non-suction cup toys and I haven’t reviewed it yet. Maybe I should do that soon.

  39. I’m new to your blog so it’s tricky to give any suggestions, I can say that I’m very excited and a huge thank you for all of these awesome chances. Fingers crossed I may just get my 1st Bad Dragon! 🙂

    1. Yay! The prospect is exciting, isn’t it? Go ahead and take a look around and let me know if you want to see anything more like rants or reviews or something else creative that I’m not doing. 😀

  40. If I were to get a Bad Dragon I’d choose Pretzal the Swamp Wrym, medium with medium firmness. Suction cup, and a custom marbled design of green and blue!

      1. It’s the exact issue Shimmer mentioned with the We-Vibe and Uncut widgets…the link to the RSS/e-mail sub page doesn’t appear. “Continue” does, but isn’t active. I’ve tried Firefox, Silk, and Safari browsers, if that helps…

  41. Anyone else have problem with comments not going though? Or am I being moderated? o_O
    did not think my replies were that bad. 😉


    1. I think it’s fine! I just have to approve them first and I’m getting so many I’m a bit behind. >.< It's not you :)

  42. Good luck to everyone!!! I would be soooo ecstatic to win the BD competition. I’ve had my eyes on BD for a while now

  43. I’ve been wanting a BD toy but would likely never be able to justify a fully custom one unless I won it.

  44. More bad dragon reviews, with more focus on anal, if you want to cater to me!

    Well that’s up to you.

    Btw do you really want people to post once for each toy every day. It’ll just become spam when people have nothing good to say.

      1. It’s one of those things where you just have to have a lot of patience, take it easy and slow, with lots of lube, and start with smaller toys and work your way up. Over time it’ll feel god damn awesome.

  45. It would be cool to get another opinion on the Mona 2 or the Stronic Eins (in both cases, the few strongly negative opinions have made me hold off). The Lovelife Cuddle vs. the Mona would be good, too, since some say they’re similar in many ways and there’s such a price difference…

  46. Oh my god oh my god, the bad dragon prize and the rabbit prize are so so good! All of these are pretty fantastic but LORD.

    1. Good luck! Lovehoney is having a sale on Rabbits so if you don’t win you should check that out. Also, the sale ends at the end of the month so you may want to get the rabbit on sale now, and then return it (365 days, no questions asked) if you do win.

  47. The Tantus looks delicious. I only have one dildo and have been pretty pleased with it, but I’d love to try something like that as well, especially with your awesome review!

  48. This might be silly (especially since I’ve used Tumblr for like a year now), but how do I comment on tumblr? Do I have to reblog it?

  49. I really would love to see a review of the Comet II, which is something I’ve been eyeing with my personal money for a long time. Glass toys are also really picky, so I’m sure you would find something else you’d love.

  50. This is an incredible give away. I have never seen such a well organized nor massive give away anywhere, let alone involving sex toys. Good work on bringing in new people to the realm of fantasy sex toys! I never usually enter these sorts of things but the chance for a custom Bad-Dragon toy for free is too much temptation.

    I’ve always wanted to get a custom order but the cost is prohibitive. Who ever wins that one is going to get their dream toy, which is pretty awesome. Thanks for putting all of this on! I wonder what you will do for the 2 year anniversary!

    1. You’ll have to hang around for my 2(ish) year anniversary 😉
      There are ways to make a BD toy cheaper. You can omit some things you would have preferred to have like the color in order to have the same toy you want or whateves. Lots of ways but there will have to be a sacrifice or two made. 🙁

  51. Is toy cleaner that much better than regular liquid hand soap? I’ve been using hand soap for cleaning my toys, but I’ve seen so many bloggers throw in a comment here and there about toy cleaner.

  52. Spreading the love indeed! In fact, I love this so much that after moving house and spending several days fighting my new ISP, the first thing I’m doing on coming back to the wired world is these giveaways! How’s that for dedication? ;D

  53. Damn, it would be good to win one of these. I’m feeling the pain of a recent breakup tonight, and missing the most amazing sex of my life. Hopefully by the time this is over, I can look forward to having great sex – with myself!

  54. I’d love to know how the Fun Factory Bouncer dildo is, and if it’s a good substitute for the Stronic Eins…

  55. Wow, that’s is a lot of fun things to play with. congrats on your continued enjoyment of your blog. Here’s hoping I win something 🙂

    1. I have three ^_^ I’ll be reviewing the Nox next. They’re all so different it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite. The Nox is a bit too large but it is the most interesting one (also, I have it in red, orange, and yellow so that’s pretty fucking awesome). Do you have any?

  56. Wow
    I came across your blog this morning, by way of a serendipitous wrong turn.
    I’ am so pleased that I have.
    I’ve been accumulating a nice little collection of toys, over the last 18 months with a large Wishlist still to try/buy. I’ve only begun to discover my love for toys. So t is going to be awesome to be able to read your detailed and honest opinion based on personal exp. before I order anything again (especially my 1st Bad Dragon creation). I envy the lucky winner of your competition. They are going to be in heaven, over and over again.
    Looking firward to reading your posts
    Thanks for creating a brilliant blog.

  57. The Stronic Eins comments are closed, so I was wondering: just how girthy is it? I’ve heard it can be a bit large, especially with the draggy FF silicone (though I guess it depends how much goes inside)…

  58. Sorry I haven’t been commenting for a while, I just went on vacation and I’m going to be going on another one soon XD. Vacations are boring, I have to leave my collection at home.

  59. That’s great. I found so much fun reading your reviews and now the holy grail I couldn’t buy is on giveaway. You’re great XD

  60. Found a typo! It says “We do not ship to the following countries for one or more of these reasons: [Insert list of counties].” it should say “For one or more of these reasons, we do not ship to the following countries: [Insert list of counties].”

  61. Your giveaway is amazing, I have never came across your site but I am glad I did, you also have some wonderful reviews as well of some things I am wanting to try out.

  62. I don’t know what I’ll do when this contest is over… It’s such a habit now to do all the entries!

    1. You’ve been such a good commenter! Go explore my other posts and comment on those. I want to hear what you think of them and the toys I’ve reviewed!

  63. Really! I am just seeing this! Guess I shouldn’t work as hard as I do! Well, I guess a little, a little late is better than nothing at all! Thanks for what looks like an epic Giveaway!

  64. You put together such an awesome giveaway! I’m dying to try the We Vibe Pleasure Mates Set… And all of the other toys you’re giving away!!

      1. You didn’t ask me, but I’ll put in my 2 cents. I’m thinking of getting either a Flint or a Janine. Still so many good choices I might change my mind before the giveaway ends.

  65. Four days! I’m loving how comments on this page have exploded. My poor ancient laptop is actually having trouble keeping up with loading the page by this point. *grin*

  66. The lube article was interesting…the citric acid in the Sliquid Sassy stings me, so I’ve been happy with Slippery Stuff, too. I’ve tried Please cream and gel, but didn’t realize they did silicone…

  67. Fingers crossed. Hope I win a BD toy. Also I’m so glad that all the prizes are made from silicone.

  68. Wow. Most of them have 10k entries. The Bad Dragon has over 20k. Can you say multiple accounts? Oh well, fingers crossed for my 100/20k chance. 🙂

  69. Three days to go!

    It’s like the countdown to a launch or someting. But then, the prizes are stellar, the winners will be over the moon, and people (hopefully including me!) will have a blast with those toys, so that works. 😉

    1. Actually, there’s 3 more days for all of the prizes except the teenie weenies which have 6 days left.

        1. Ah, that’s why they have 3 more days. I was slightly skeptical and though it might have been a mistake, but it looks like it’s all good then.

  70. Eee, 36 hours!

    I realised today that with coming back almost every day, I constitute about 2.5{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775} of the entries on the BD giveaway, from the count the widget gives me. That’s about 1 in 40, which has me curious able how many different people actually entered to create those 19K entries.

    I’m nerdy enough to wonder what the chances are of your posting stats afterwards, if Gleam lets you have them?

      1. I make up ~1.5{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775} of the Bad dragon entries so that leaves 96{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775} to mystery.

  71. Super excited! Funny story, I forgot about the Tango Pleasure mate kit being part of this giveaway (and I was SO excited about that too!) and I went and bought it during a Labor Day sale. Oops. Still hoping to win one of the other awesome prizes!