REVIEW: Bouncer

REVIEW: Bouncer

I saw the Fun Factory Bouncer ages ago and knew it was something I had to have inside of me.

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The Fun Factory Bouncer, balls I stuck up my vagina.

When I saw the Fun Factory Bouncer in a sex toy shop, and couldn’t stop shaking it like a shake-weight. I wondered, “Would this be a workout for my vag?” However, I have the kGoal Minna to work out my vagina. The Bouncer, though, was a ride like no other I’d tried before. Sure, I’ve had the Fun Factory B-Balls inside my ass, and they actually worked the same of the Fun Factory Bouncer, but this toy is a dildo, much longer and works well thrusting.

The “hmmmm” of the Fun Factory Bouncer

The color I received is absolutely beautiful. The Bi-Stronic comes in that same color and I knew I had to have more of it. Though the Bi-Stronic didn’t fit the bill, the Bouncer did. The Bouncer comes in light pink, black (my fave!), and red–a great range of colors that stray from the norm (Pink. Pink. MORE PINK!). At 7 inches long, the Bouncer is quite a mouthful (er, vagina-full? Ass-full?). What I love about longer toys is that it gives me the option of taking it deeper and in turn gives more of my readers an opportunity to find something that they’ll like.

While I wasn’t able to make it past the second ball, I still got the full effect, as the balls still bounced inside of me. As for the balls that didn’t go inside my vag, they bounced against my perineum. Something about a long dildo that I appreciate is that I was able to hit my A-Spot with this toy and every bit of it bounced against the deep pleasure part of my vag.

The Bouncer is designed to stimulate the g-spot and I found that I was too transfixed by the stimulation against my A-Spot that I didn’t notice the g-spot stimulation very much. That being said, it was still there, and this toy is the ultimate lazy way of stimulating every “-spot” in my vag.

Sometimes I get lazy

Speaking of lazy: you’ve seen me go on and on about the Stronic Zwei by Fun Factory because it is the lazy of the lazy sex toys. The Bouncer is a close second. All I had to do was insert the toy to a comfortable depth, then slam my palm against the base to bounce the inner balls, lay back and feel the balls bounce inside of me. Anything that makes my masturbation session easier is a toy that I’ll love.

The balls in the toy react strongly to gentle stimulation to the base of the toy, it’s impossible for me not to feel them move, much like an anal toy (B-Balls) or the Luna Balls, where I can jump around the house and be stimulated internally, hands-free. However, the Bouncer scared my butthole so my ass shied  away from it.

Can I safely jam it up my ass?

Yes, yes you can. Because it has a flared base, it is perfectly anal safe. Remember that the asshole is the black hole of the body and will suck anything it can, resulting in a humiliating trip to the ER. (Actually, that’s kind of an erotic though…)

Who would like the Bouncer?

This toy would suit size queens that like length and are “meh” about girth. It will also work for many peeps that don’t like length and are sensitive to girth. Those are the two opposites but that’s what makes this toy so awesome. You can easily control the depth of the toy by holding the base or the last ball if you’re like me and didn’t want to take the whole toy. Though it is not as girthy as many other toys I’ve used, the girth of the Bouncer is perfect for my body (1.6 in. in diameter). For those of you that like A-spot stimulation, this is the way to go. While there are other toys out there that stimulate the a-spot with the head of the dildo, the Bouncer is unique in that it provides dual stimulation controlled by the user.

Those who want a little something fun, you’ll most likely get it with the Bouncer. Because it literally bounces inside the dildo, it’s a stimulating toy that is unique, much like many of the other Fun Factory toys like the Stronic Zwei. Take it for a ride!

Don’t think the Bouncer is the right toy for you?

If you’re looking for an anal toy with a bounce in its step, try out the B-Balls by Fun Factory. If you want vaginal bouncing stimulation that you can wear around with you, the Luna Beads may do the trick. If you’re looking for a fun, lazy jack-off toy that is also anal-safe, the Stronic Zwei may be your thing.

So, remember peeps, don’t let your asshole suck up your toy. This toy is YOURS and your butt doesn’t get to keep it. I hope you like the Fun Factory Bouncer as much as I did. Be forth, be merry, and fuck thyself.

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  • Response of balls made jacking off easy
  • Beautiful light pink color and other two options less conventional
  • Large(ish) base that allowed a firm grip
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