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~Mi Amor, for my ass and my vagina~

Okay, that sappy title is over. I just couldn’t resist. I mean, come on, the toy is called “love”. How could I pass that up? As usual when Fun Factory sends me toys, my seat gets wet. The Amor looks basic and it is basic. But that’s what makes it so great. I wasn’t underwhelmed when I first saw the Fun Factory Amor. Rather, I saw it as a potential butt-toy and that made me shiver with antici…….

PATION. (Get it?)

Okay, I’m done with the weird stuff now.  Allonsey!

The “Mmmm” of the Fun Factory Amor…

Uh, besides the color. Actually, let’s address the color in three words, “Super. Fucking. Red.” Like, not pink at all, red, a wonderful break from the ordinary. The Fun Factory Amor has the standard Fun Factory base that makes it stand upward and proud. One of the key factors that I love about the Fun Factory Amor (and all their dildos so far) is that it has a wide base that can suction on a wall, if however briefly. While the base is arguably too thin, I found it wide enough to grip the bottom of the toy and it would keep my hand in place as I thrust.

The Fun Factory Amor is short but that doesn’t matter to me. My eyes are bigger than my vagina so when I come across a shorter, less girthy toy, I am a happy camper. This toy was both of these things, my butt was happy to learn. Unlike too many toys, the Fun Factory Amor has a tapered head, something my nether orifices greatly appreciate for comfort. This is especially important when sticking things up my ass. The tapered head allowed the toy to slowly slide inside of me without causing pain. My vagina has a tendency to tighten when things get too close on some days, and the ease of inserting this toy worked with that.

Now, I usually request…

the longest of two toys, like the Mini Rippler vs the regular Rippler, because I want all peeps to have the option of choosing how deep their toys go, and a lot of us like a long, deep toy. I wanted to try a short toy for a change, both for comfort and to see if it could comfortably go in my butt. Whelp, I’m happy to report that it could and it does; though my butt protested at first. Because it has a large base this thing won’t get sucked up one’s asshole that is the black hole of the body. The base also means that it’s harness compatible!

Like the name of the toy says, I loved most parts of it, including, and most importantly, how the dramatic curve of the head hit my g-spot. I’m always wary of a toy that has a pointed head but the silicone of the Fun Factory Amor wasn’t as stiff as some  so it was slightly more comfortable than a a firmer toy. Because it was so short I was able to control the motion so that it was a shallow thrust.

The Fun Factory Amor is made out of body safe silicone and is body-safe. One of the perks of a plain ol’ dildo is that you can throw this in the dishwasher or boil it to sanitize it; though it’s not necessary because the Fun Factory Amor is not porous. This toy comes in cotton-candy light pink and black (my favorite color for a sex toy).

The “eh…” of the Fun Factory Amor…

The size of the toy restricted the firm thrust I like to reach my A-Spot. I was more focused on the g-spot stimulation than any other feeling. But when I thrust as deep as was comfortable, I didn’t get the firm push behind my cervix. As much as I usually prefer softer toys, the firm toys are what really gets me going when I go deep; however, sometimes the curve of the dildo rams into my cervix which sucks. Because I had control of the depth of the toy I was able to not accidentally hit my cervix like it’s easy to do with larger toys.

There’s a downside to a toy this short:

Who would like the Fun Factory Amor?

Those that are looking for a smaller anal-safe dildo that is easier to sit completely on. For instance, when I sit on toy I very much want to take in the whole toy, but I usually can’t. The Amor made it more comfortable to do that. Though I didn’t take in the whole toy, I was comforted knowing that if I were to take it too deep, it probs wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. I don’t doubt that those looking for anal stimulation could get off easily with this toy.

The Fun Factory Amor isn’t just good for anal stimulation. For those of you with vagina’s, the Fun Factory Amor gives you more control over the depth that you choose with the toy. I was able to take the whole toy into me, something I don’t often get to do. It is also easier to get inside of me because of the tapered head. Those with shy vagina’s may find it easier to insert this toy than to insert others.

Would I recommend the Fun Factory Amor?

Absolutely. It was super fun to take in the whole toy, something I rarely do, and to insert something so short in my ass. I felt very accomplished, which is a super-big win when it comes to me and sex toys. Because of the tapered head, this dildo was easier to insert. However, because it was so short it was harder to control. Most of the shaft of the toy was inside of me; which meant that there was very little toy left to thrust with.

Don’t think you’ll like the Fun Factory Amor?

No big deal, man.  There are lots of other toys out there. If you want something similar but with more texture, give the Mini Rippler a try. Let’s say the length is almost perfect, you just want something a little longer that has the same g-spot stim, then check out the Bullseye.

Thank you, Fun Factory, for sending me the Amor for review. It was, quite literally, my pleasure to review this product for you and my readers.

Go forth and fuck thyself with (Mi) Amor!

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  • Curved g-spot stimulation
  • Small shaft
  • Short shaft
  • Texture-less
  • Varying non-pink colors
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