REVIEW: Minna Kgoal

REVIEW: Minna Kgoal

The Game You Play with Your Vag

I have a habit of reviewing weird-ass toys becuase I love to experience unusual sensations, in the hope that you, as a result, will also be able to. The Minna kGoal is one of those weird toys that some people may shy away from. At first glance: whaa–? But once it was in my vag it made perfect sense. The kGoal is like a balloon you stick in your vagina (unfortunately not a helium balloon so you won’t be flying upward with your vag pointed
to the sky, as cool as that would be). Rather, the body of the toy was developed to fit your vagina in order to give you the best pelvic-floor exercise as possible, all catered to your unique vagina.

I first discovered Minna when I was looking for a toy to review in Good Vibrations. I’m fortunate enough to live near several sex toy stores so I’m able to go touch the toys before I try them, whether to choose toys that must be reviewed in order to get you to shy away from them. *cough* Princessa *cough* It wasn’t the kGoal by Minna that I discovered first, but the Ola, a toy that left me stupefied. Just like the Ola responds to your touch, the kGoal responds to the pressure which your PC muscles squeeze. Genius.

What makes the kGoal so amazing, besides the construction of the toy, is that it the Minna kGoal comes with an app to guide you. However, the kGoal by Minna’s app is an exercise program that guides you through the preset exercises that give you visual feedback as you squeeze. The kGoal provides tactile feedback and a workout summary to track your progress.

Some other features of the app

  • Reminders to exersize on the days that you select.
  • Tactile feedback with vibrations that you can limit to the body of the toy or the body plus the arm so that it vibrates again your clitoris.
  • Workout score history so that you can track your progress over a period of time.
  • kGoal connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your phone.


  • You can also turn off the vibrations in the Squeeze Pillow via the app (you can choose to enable both motors, or either motor, or no motors, in which case there will only be visual biofeedback)
  • The Comfort Vent (how you control the inflation level) is fully submersible, as long as you don’t actively open the vent while it is under water. The Indicator Light (where the USB charging cable plugs in) is the only section that is merely splash-resistant – the rest is fully water-proof.

The least amount of work you’ll do with this toy is ex-flating (so a word) the balloon in order to insert the toy, and then release the button that was restricting the balloon from inflating. This allows the kGoal to fine-tune itself to your vagina, in order to give you the best workout possible.
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Would I Use the kGoal Again?

Absolutely. While I loved the Luna Beads,  the kGoal is more practical and gives me feedback, something Ben-Wa balls cannot do. In fact, I may have it in me right now. Possibly.

Who would like the kGoal?

Unlike the Luna Balls, which I found to be troublesome if I were to release my PC muscles, the kGoal Minna stayed in place, even while I moved around. Most of all, because of it’s construction with the arm and the balloon keeping it snug, I found it easy to keep inside of me and move with it in me when I, say, cleaned the house. For those of us with vagina’s who find it difficult to keep Kegel balls inside of us, the kGoal is a solution to that. While the kGoal is not cheap–not by a long shot–it is both functional and effective in order to get you to exercise regularly, with both prompts from the app and the games that made squeezing my PC muscles fun.

Minna, thank you for sending me this toy. It was a pleasure reviewing for you and I’m thrilled that your toy rocked my socks. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be using this toy for years to come. (Without an awkward penguin walk.)

You can get the kGoal by Minna at Good Vibrations.


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Ease of operation



  • Easy to insert
  • Tactile response let's you know how you're doing
  • Awesome sky-blue color


  • Only splash proof
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