REVIEW: Stronic Real

REVIEW: Stronic Real

Fun Factory has sent me yet another Stronic toy! I have all of their past Stronic toys and, having loved those, I had high expectations for the Stronic Real. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

Fun Factory Stronic Real

Quite frankly, I am rarely disappointed by Fun Factory’s toys. For instance, the Bouncer was a fun little something different; the B-Balls were… interesting; the Volta is new one of my favorite clitoral sex toys. Fun Factory just comes out with some of the most unique toys I’ve come across.

Here’s Why I Was so happy with the Stronic Real Pulsator

I didn’t notice much difference among the previous models and the Stronic Real as far as function is concerned. The design of the Stronic Real was what made difference among the toys.

While all the pulsators function the same way – magnets, HOW DO THEY WORK?? – the Stronic Real is a nice, unassuming toy. There isn’t a dramatic curve that could get stuck behind a pubic bone, the head doesn’t create a popping sensation, and the silicone doesn’t suck up lube. Quite frankly, this is the ultimate lazy toy and I couldn’t be happier with it.

You’ll find that I prefer toys that are g-spotters. Since not everyone does it’s important to try a variety of toys and being able to review the Stronic G gave me the opportunity to get my g-spot thrill. It’s excellent that Fun Factory has such a variety of Pulsators in their line.

On top of that, I love the buttons that Fun Factory makes. A push and a hold will start the toy and the same button will quickly turn the toy off. The buttons are raised and easy to find when you’re using it. You don’t have to take it out to figure out how to navigate your sex session.

zomg the buttons

There was a lot to like that’s true of all their Pulsators

For starters, I love the Stronic Pulsator line because of the freedom it offers. It allows for lazy sex; it allows for thrusting among those who have mobility issues. It’s just simply fun.

For those of you with Carpal Tunnel or Athlete’s overuse Tendonitis, the Pulsator line is a godsend. My pelvic floor is toned enough that I can insert the toy, choose the setting and strength, then lay back and let the toy do the job for me.

Likewise, for those of us with larger body’s who may have a larger body, going hands-free would be quite useful.

Pink, Blue, Purple Options

I was gifted the baby-pink Stronic Real which I think is just beautiful, but it also comes in a generic, white flesh-tone and a deep purple to suit your likes. Any toy that has alternatives other than just pink already has a win in my book.

Because pink is so over-used in sex toys, I’m happy to find a variety of colors for those of us not comfortable with pink. Fun Factory is very good about offering a large variety of colors, including flesh tones. However, the Stronic Real’s flesh-toned comes in one, light-colored flesh tone that doesn’t reflect the population. I, however, simply prefer color in my toys so I either opt for darker flesh-toned toys or an unnatural color.

Hefty price tag, is it worth it?

If you already know what you like as far as the design of a toy goes, then this is most likely a safe bet to take. For me, I know I’d prefer the Stronic G over the Real. Just like I prefer dildos that have a curve, no matter how dramatic, I was right to assume that I’d prefer the G over the Real.

I prefer the Stronic Pulsator lines because they don’t vibrate (sans the Bi-Stronic). It doesn’t get complicated at all. It’s more exciting than a simple dildo but less complicated than a vibrator.

I appreciated the patterns available with the Stronic Real. When it comes to vibrations, I’m not a fan of variety but when it comes to thrusting, I was very happy with the various speeds and patterns. The Stronic Real has seven speeds and three patterns that make this toy a little more exciting.

Be super careful before you get this, though

Take a look at Fun Factory’s site and read about the disclaimers before you purchase this toy. You don’t want your pacemaker to go crazy because of the magnets.

In all honesty, I really like this series because I enjoy hands-free thrusting. I like that I’m not going to get worn out if I’m trying to use a dildo and

Check out their Stronic Line

I’m gonna make this easy for you and present it in bullet-point format of all the toys in their Pulsator line that I’ve tried. For a complete list, check them out here.

Stronic Real – Love the look of this! Nothing special but nothing bad about it.

Stronic G – My favorite of the Stronic line. You can check out my review here.

Stronic Surf – Have yet to review this one but it looks amazing

Bi-Stronic – This is a “no” from me. Nothing special, rabbit ears didn’t work with my anatomy

Stronic Drei – The texture – yes, please

Stronic Zwei – out of production, unfortunately, but I did enjoy it

Stronic Eins – the first Stronic I owned that I purchased myself. It was this toy that got me involved with sex-toy reviewing.

You can get the Stronic Real at the relator of your choice below:

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR go check them out gogogo! I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 

Stronic Real






Drag of the silicone


Ease of use


Button Control



  • Enough drag of the silicone to keep it in place with lube
  • Works throughout my cycle when my vagina is sensitive
  • Lazy sex
  • Good for hands-free when my wrists hurt

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  1. I always wondered if I was a bad candidate for a thrusting toy, since I tend to clench…

    1. It can certainly be an issue if you clench too hard. Since this review, I’ve figured out how much pressure to apply with my pelvic muscles.

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